Now we know why EXACTLY IT FLOP. Having Jessica Simpson there, eventhough only for a few seconds could make the whole matter worse. It’s like a Jinx, first the reality show that made her marriage in the rocks, now every film she’s in, is a FLOP FLOP FLOP.

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Pamela Anderson, had this to say about Jessica Simpson during a radio interview in Australia:
“I think she is a bitch and whore. “

Pamela Anderson said this as it were in response to Jessica wearing a “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt. Pamela went on to say, “Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men.”

This is the T-Shirt that Jessica wore:

Obviously Pamela Anderson has some delusional mind that she is not really exercising out. But yeah, we kinda garee with Pamela. Jess is a whore and a bitch. So is Pam. Urgh, my delusional minds is tired.

Moving on…

(Image: Just Jared, Goole)

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Jessica simpson is dating tony romo. Jessica simpson sister is married. Jessica simpson is incestuous. Jessica Simpson can’t sing. Jessica simpson needs to go away.
All of the above is nothing but the truth.

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Jessica Simpson has finally chosen to address a few of the rumors about her uber-controlling father Joe, who has long been blamed for the wrecking of Jessica’s marriage… and all of her subsequent relationships. Joe’s made a lot of creepy comments about Jessica’s breasts in the past, and is altogether way too involved in his daughters’ lives, especially considering their ages.

But some of the rumors are pretty crazy, and Jess finally put one to rest.

Jessica Simpson opened up about her dad during a radio interview in Colton, CA at K-Frog 95.1 on Tuesday.

“There have been stories that are ridiculous,” Simpson who is promoting her new country album said. “Like my father really fit me for a training bra. Like, who believes that kind of thing!?”
The singer was on the show to promote her new country album.

“I really just wanted to showcase the talent that God has given me and I don’t believe that in pop music I ever had the chance to stand on two feet and stand firm,” Simpson said.

[From US Magazine]

I had never actually heard that rumor before – or I’ve subconsciously blocked it out – but it’s funny as all hell. As long as you assume it was made up by overzealous teenagers and bares no possibility of truth. Which is what I’m going with, because I cannot even begin to consider the other possibility.

Jessica’s country album is actually getting pretty good reviews so far. Clearly she has employed someone slightly sensible in terms of the music business. Because she’s right, there was just no way she was completive in the pop music market anymore. Even in her heyday Jessica was always a distant third to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

C’mon Jess your father is capable of ANYTHING.

(Image: Celebitchy)

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She definitely had a nose job done right? Her nose seemed more enhanced, trimmed.

And a chin lift up too.

That is what you get from eating meat.

(Image: City Rag)

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June 17, 2008

When Matthew McConaughey is seen sans his shirt, we know that summer has arrived. The actor is seen here enjoying the beach and a Bud Light in Malibu.

I mean let us not deny it, despite the very fact that he hates wearing deodorant, he is a piece of meat. Jessica Simpson would love him. Jessica Simpson loves meat remember. What you don’t believe us?

Told you so. Cunt will sleep with anybody.

(Image: Just Jared, Socialite’s Life)

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Jessica Simpson and her main squeeze, Tony Romo, land at LAX airport in Los Angeles after a flight from Texas on Friday.

Tony, 28, recently just addressed the rumors that Jessica’s father, Joe, has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship. Romo told People, “It’s all laughable. [It’s] so far from the truth.”

Exactly, when we see you we want to laugh.

And Jessie darling, we know you eat meat. You LOVE meat. That was why you got to be a star.

(Image: Just Jared)

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“They wanted Jess to introduce Carrie, or have them attend a charity event together, or maybe even do a duet to put the rumors to rest about the feud,” an In Touch insider says. “But everything was thrown out there was rebuffed.”

WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE DON’T CARE JESSICA…Tony is not all that hot anyways.And Carrie Underwood is WAY BETTER THAN YOU, Hands Down, Hands Up, Hands everywhere.


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Stifler from American Pie gets asked about why Nick Lachey hates him in some interview and says because he fucked Jessica Simpson. Possibly during the Dukes OF Hazzard days. How fun.

Nick slept with a ho. Jess slept with a douche. Picture perfect. Do we hear NEWLYWEDS 9675167412?

(Video: Drunken Stepfather)

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From Verónica: “Hi, first of all, sorry for my English… it’s very poor.. I found yesterday in ASCAP website, 9 possible songs for upcoming cd of Jessica. I know it because the songwriters of these songs are country songwriters.
The titles are:- Made To Order Miracle(co-written by Jessica with ROBERT ELLIS ORRALL and ROBERT DONALD PALMER );
- A Break From Being Broken(co-written by Jessica with MARV GREEN and TROY VERGES);-
Man Enough(co-written by Jessica with BRETT JAMES and TROY VERGES); -
I’m Just Me(co-written by Jessica with RACHEL PROCTOR and VICTORIA BANKS);-
Sipping On History(co-written by Jessica with LUKE ROBERT LAIRD and HILLARY LEE LINDSEY);-
Never Not Beautiful(co-written by Jessica with BRETT JAMES and TROY VERGES);-
Shine(co-written by Jessica with EDWARD MONROE HILL and MICHELLE ROBIN LEWIS);-
Everyone Lose Control(written by the authors of ‘I Wanna Love You Forever’ LOUIS JOHN BIANCANIELLO, GREGORY ALLEN KURSTIN and SAMUEL J WATTERS );-
Come As You Are(co-written by Jessica with RACHEL PROCTOR and VICTORIA BANKS);-
I Want(co-written by Jessica with JANE MARIASH BACH and TAMARA J HYLER );-
You’re My Sunday (co-written by Jessica with LUKE ROBERT LAIRD and HILLARY LEE LINDSEY).”
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