Joan Rivers got kicked off of the UK talk show “Loose Women” for using the fuck word on air Joan was talking about interviewing Russell Crowe on the red carpet and said, “He is a piece of – get ready to bleep this. Fucking shit!” Well, the show was live and there was no delay! Joan was asked to lave during the commercial break.

Joan has since apologized, “Yes, I swore, and I’m so fucking sorry. No one told me the TV show Loose Women was a reality show and that I would be voted off. It’s funny: offstage, I hardly ever use profanity. My favorite four-letter word is ‘shop.’”

And our favourite word is AISHWARYA. When we are using a terminology to describe fakery. Like when we see a fake tan we go, “God he has such an AISHWARYA tan!” Or when we see someone with fake eyelashes we go, “Oh my god, she is using real good AISHWARYA lashes”

(Video: Youtube)

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