The film Jodha Akbar is facing lot of controversies , poor Gowarikar. First it was aish being all diva, film got extended, then came the budget an now the animal rights activists accuse Gowarikar of being cruel to horses used in some sequences. And Gowarikar is having a HARD time answering them.
Worse of all the rajputs of Rajastan claim Jodha Akbar to be poltically incorrect.They say Jodha bhai was Akbar’s daughter-in-law and not wife. The Government of Rajasthan has banned the release of the movie in its state.The shooting of this film was done in and around Jaipur, and since then i.e the initial days of shooting this film and its crew have been facing issues.
If this was the case then Director Gowarikar who made this high budgeted film should have thought about this issue long time back. There are several researches and studies being used as evidence by the concerned people to prove that Jodha Bhai is not Akbar’s wife. The crowd’s wish to ban this film for its wrong content is justified, however, hounding Aishwarya Rai who was present in a hotel in Jaipur celebrating her Husbands birthday along with her in-laws is unfair. HAHAHAHA
Sources said the actress cannot be blamed she did just what the director told her to do.HELL NO. As a professional actress which she claimed she is, bitch has to do research on her part, like a chracter analysis, even before playing jodhaa. so SERVES HER RIGHT.
The crew of this film has worked very hard to make this film, the actors have undergone rigorous training to learn the language and have taken great pains to get accustomed to the customs and traditions of that age.
Sadly there were protestors who was seen burning posters of the big budget film in Rajasthan.
Gowarikar always makes high budget films which unfortunately faces some problem or the other before its release date.Jodha-Akbar is to be released on 15th of Feb and its release is most awaited irrespective of all the allegations. Again, all publicity is good publicity, eh?

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The sets of the recently completed film Jodhaa Akbar are still standing. If that’s not all then there are rumours that the director Ashutosh Gowirakar wants them to stand forever.
However there is a slight problem in this, as the sets occupy 6acres of land and cost almost Rs1 crore per year as maintenance. Besides this the other problem is that who will foot the bill of the expenditure as Nitin Desai wants to create a theme park at the same location.
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