There are a few things wrong with the premiere no? Though before all we must say the movie was fantastic and we were the lucky few who got to watch it first hand in Singapore. Jodhaa Akbar has paved and definitely set a standard for the movies of 2008. Ok back to the guest at the premiere.

Why is Rekha there? Why isn’t everybody running away? They are not scared of Rekha? We sure are. She looks like Moricia Adams wearing a sari and has not washed her hair for 981762487153491723 years.

Why is Jaya Bachchan wearing flowers on her hair? She should wear a garland around her neck. Is she smiling? Did someone make a joke on being possessed?

Hrithik looks amazing.

Aishwarya looks pretty but you can tell she wants the first flight back to Hollywood to wrap up her Pink Panther film.

Aamir Khan has an awesome jacket on.

Is Abhishek Bachchan still in her damn arms?!?!

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