Jessica Simpson has finally chosen to address a few of the rumors about her uber-controlling father Joe, who has long been blamed for the wrecking of Jessica’s marriage… and all of her subsequent relationships. Joe’s made a lot of creepy comments about Jessica’s breasts in the past, and is altogether way too involved in his daughters’ lives, especially considering their ages.

But some of the rumors are pretty crazy, and Jess finally put one to rest.

Jessica Simpson opened up about her dad during a radio interview in Colton, CA at K-Frog 95.1 on Tuesday.

“There have been stories that are ridiculous,” Simpson who is promoting her new country album said. “Like my father really fit me for a training bra. Like, who believes that kind of thing!?”
The singer was on the show to promote her new country album.

“I really just wanted to showcase the talent that God has given me and I don’t believe that in pop music I ever had the chance to stand on two feet and stand firm,” Simpson said.

[From US Magazine]

I had never actually heard that rumor before – or I’ve subconsciously blocked it out – but it’s funny as all hell. As long as you assume it was made up by overzealous teenagers and bares no possibility of truth. Which is what I’m going with, because I cannot even begin to consider the other possibility.

Jessica’s country album is actually getting pretty good reviews so far. Clearly she has employed someone slightly sensible in terms of the music business. Because she’s right, there was just no way she was completive in the pop music market anymore. Even in her heyday Jessica was always a distant third to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

C’mon Jess your father is capable of ANYTHING.

(Image: Celebitchy)

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Jessica Simpson and her main squeeze, Tony Romo, land at LAX airport in Los Angeles after a flight from Texas on Friday.

Tony, 28, recently just addressed the rumors that Jessica’s father, Joe, has been meddling in their nearly seven-month-old courtship. Romo told People, “It’s all laughable. [It’s] so far from the truth.”

Exactly, when we see you we want to laugh.

And Jessie darling, we know you eat meat. You LOVE meat. That was why you got to be a star.

(Image: Just Jared)

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Somewhere inside and outside, Jessica Simpson is CRYING LOUDLY.
That’s why she needs to do wind it up with TONY so that the photogrpahers won’t foget that SHE STILL EXIST. And alos it’s so nice to see Nicole RIchie and Joel Madden present at the wedding.
Bur we can’t deny the fact that, the wedding is beautiful. Chehk out the “Alice In Wonderland” Big clock cake. ORIGINAL
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And We’ll all get to share in the joyous occasion when photos of the Wentz/Simpson wedding hit People Magazine next week. TMZ is reporting, People will pay approximately $1 million bucks for photos of Ashlee and Pete’s wedding.

Naturally, reps for the couple aren’t talking. People’s also staying tight-lipped on the possible seven figure picture deal: “We’re thrilled that celebrities continue to choose People as the place to share their most intimate photos. We do not comment on specifics of any deals.”

Yah right, probably Joe Simpson is like pimping his daughter to get more money deals. Of course he will disclose the amount.
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WHAT HAPPENED TO “he got me back on my feet”?

Despite reports to the contrary, Jessica Simpson and quarterback Tony Romo are still together.
A rep for the singer told Access Hollywood, there is “no truth” to the rumors in Star magazine that the couple had gone their separate ways.

On Monday, the magazine reported Romo spent a wild weekend with his college buddies and the fun may have led to a split between the couple.
A pal of Tony’s told the magazine “they’re broken up.”

As previously reported on, Simpson and Romo began dating last year and Simpson even took the Dallas Cowboys star home for Thanksgiving.

Is papa Joe, creating a hype on Jessica Simpson, so that they could proceed on to Ashlee Simpson’s wedding??


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April 24, 2008

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April 22, 2008

We had to post ALL THE PHOTOS from Perez Hilton, to, to D Because they tell a lovely story of Miss Jessica Simpson and Mr. Tony Romo.

So It’s Mr Tony’s Birthday Y’ALL

EVERYONE is wishing him, and asking how do you get all these blondes. WHAT IS YOUR LOVE REMEDY ? He said, my football cock

Then comes Jessica, Hosting the Birthday Party. Hogging on the mike. GOd knows what she’s saying. Maybe “ahhahahah(her trademark laughter). So Tony, here’s your cake, IT’s a blue star cake, coz i think you chase my blues away, and you’re my star. SO i got you a blue star cake, ahahhaah it makes sense right”. BIATCH YO!!!

Then comes Licking and pussing the cake, to good use.

Tony can’t take the heat. Jessica says EAT ME. LICK ME. THE CAMERAS ARE CLICKING. I want Nick to SEE HOW HAPPY I AM. But Tony resisit. He does not want to take his chances by getting Jessica preganant. What will Papa JOE PREACH?. And come on, you think He’s like Pete Wentz jumping into marriage with the SIMPSON SISTERS??? Who you’re kidding.

But in the end, WHAT THE HELL!!! She’s available.SHE MAKES HERSELF AVAILABLE.

SO THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY. Chased Jessica’s Blues away, Ate his star cake, party with other gorgeous girls. And in the end get to suck Jessica BIG BOOBS.

Look Ashlee, You’re not going to be the first being pregnant. I’m gonna fuck tony upside down.

Just to let TINSEL-GURUS READERS KNOW. We’re not dirty minded or even sexual person. But Jessica made us blogg this way. BLAME HER.


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