Oh no! Pictures of a booze-filled party featuring Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have been leaked online. The photos, originally spotted on Photobucket.com, are rumored to be from a recent party celebrating Mary-Kate’s twenty-second birthday June 13th.


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Earlier this week, Joel Madden shot down rumors that he has any immediate plans to wed the mother of his five month old daughter Harlow, girlfriend Nicole Richie. But whenever Nicole and Joel do jump the broom, star power will definitely be in the house. We hear Nicole recently approached singer Janet Jackson at a private party in Beverly Hills and asked her to perform at her wedding to Joel.
That is unlikely.
What will Janet perform? What?
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AOL has named the 15 hottest dads in Hollywood. And of course, Brad Pitt topped the list. Naturally. Here is your top 15:

1. Brad Pitt

2. David Beckham
3. Johnny Depp
4. Will Smith
5. Matt Damon
6. Ryan Phillipe
7. Ben Affleck
8. Joel Madden
9. Seal
10. Patrick Dempsey
11. Barack Obama

12. Gavin Rossdale
13. Tom Cruise
14. Tobey McGuire
14. Mark Consuelos

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Josh Duhamel and Fergie will be getting married in a $1.5 million wedding.


Joel Madden and Nicole RIchie will marry in a $2 million ceremony at dad Lionel Richie’s Bel-Air estate at 4pm on June 29th, Star Magazine claims. According to the celebrity weekly, Nicole and Joel will tie the knot while their five month old daughter, Harlow, is craddled in Nicole’s arms.

We’re feeling all glamouros already.

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According to Paris’ boyfriend Benji Madden – who is Joel’s brother and GoodCharlotte bandmate – her Chihuahua Tinkerbell has been sniffing aroundJoel’s pet Pitbull Terrier Eazy.In a posting on the Good Charlotte website following a family party atParis’ house,

Benji wrote: “There were lots of babies around and everyonebrought their dogs and they were all dressed up.“We just found out that Eazy, Joel’s dog, and Tinkerbell are now seeing eachother. She seems happy, we wish them the best…”Benji and Paris have been dating for three months and are reportedlyplanning to marry.


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Somewhere inside and outside, Jessica Simpson is CRYING LOUDLY.
That’s why she needs to do wind it up with TONY so that the photogrpahers won’t foget that SHE STILL EXIST. And alos it’s so nice to see Nicole RIchie and Joel Madden present at the wedding.
Bur we can’t deny the fact that, the wedding is beautiful. Chehk out the “Alice In Wonderland” Big clock cake. ORIGINAL
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Paris Hilton told People that she is already thinking of marrying her boyfriend. They haven’t even been dating for 3 months.

Paris said she’s already been thinking about her wedding dress, “I’d wear a beautiful white dress, probably Dolce & Gabbana.”

She went on saying, “He’s worked very hard on his own. He really has a heart of gold. He’d never do anything to hurt me. He loves and supports me no matter what. He’s a really great person.”

Oh you do not know how much they pay her to talk shit like that.

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Remember we told you JOEL is smelling trouble, because of this PHOTO.


“their heads were practically touching, and he had his leg over hers,” says one onlooker. “joel has a flirtatious side, and he definitely wasn’t turning her away.”

nicole was immediately alerted to the situation by her arch-frenemy paris hilton, who sent her a devastating text message: lindsay was all over joel!

making the situation worse, nicole frantically tried to call joel, but he wasn’t answering his phone.

“he was so zeroed in on lindsay, he never heard his cell ring,” a friend of the couple tells star. “nicole felt so incredibly helpless and upset that she threw her phone against the wall in a rage.”

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Look at the camera bitch. Don’t divert your eyes. We are having a headache.

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