Josh Duhamel and Fergie will be getting married in a $1.5 million wedding.


Joel Madden and Nicole RIchie will marry in a $2 million ceremony at dad Lionel Richie’s Bel-Air estate at 4pm on June 29th, Star Magazine claims. According to the celebrity weekly, Nicole and Joel will tie the knot while their five month old daughter, Harlow, is craddled in Nicole’s arms.

We’re feeling all glamouros already.

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Fans who have enjoyed Transformers would be glad to know that Transformers 2 has started its production. The actual filming was scheduled for June 2 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The production had auditioned for extras during the previous weekend in South Philadelphia.
Megan Fox has been hired for the sequel and so were Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro. A new actor would be introduced. He is Rainn Wilson, who had appeared in The Office. His role would be that of a professor, who has to handle the male lead character, Sam Witwicky.
The stage prop vehicle for Autobot Jazz was sent to the location of the set. The voice of Autobot Jazz would be provided by Darius McCrary.
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May 24, 2008

Josh Duhamel, aka the future Mr. Fergie, takes a break while filming his latest movie, When in Rome, in New York City on Thursday.

When in Rome is about a successful but hopelessly single art curator (Kristen Bell) who goes to Rome to attend her younger sister’s impulsive marriage. While there, she picks up coins from a reputed “fountain of love,” and finds an overabundance of suitors waiting for her when she returns home.

Will Arnett, Danny DeVito, Jon Heder, Dax Shepard and Anjelica Huston costar.

We still cannot believe he is going to get married to that horny cunt.

(Image: Just Jared)

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February 13, 2008

Is that a question, or a statement? Either way Page SIX reports that Fergie has moved up her wedding date to Josh Duhamel, because there’s an 8-ball in oven.
A source said, “She picked up a wedding dress while she was in New York for Fashion Week and wants to move the wedding up so she is married before the bump becomes too obvious.” The rumor is that she will be married in the next two months.
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