Says a source attached to the film, “The first look itself has turned out to be mind blowing. As has been the case with Bhandarkar sir’s films from the past, Fashion too has a shock value attached to it and would catch the viewer unaware. The one minute teaser has been cut quite well and would act as a good enough kick start for the film to start creating a buzz from the word Go! The film is looking great and this is certainly going to be Bhandarkar sir’s biggest project till date.”

On questioned about the film being indeed so huge, Madhur only goes on to say, “I have always maintained that Fashion has gone deep into the underbelly of what happens in the word of glitz and glamour. My films have always showed a mirror to the society and Fashion is no different. Just wait and watch for the film’s teaser on the big screen. This is just going to be the beginning of many more things to come.”

Looking at a November release, Fashion would be one of the many releases of Priyanka Chopra this year which include Love Story 2050, Drona, God Tussi Great Ho, Dostana and Chamku. A co-production of UTV Motion Pictures and Bhandarkar Entertainment Fashion would be releasing more than one and a half years after Bhandarkar’s last film Traffic Signal (which recently fetched the director a National Award for the Best Director). It is filmmaker’s most expensive project till date and is being shot across different countries.

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Her affair with the married-man Aditya Panscholi was the talk of the town especially as Kangana and Aditya’s daughter were of the same age. It was no secret that Mr. Panscholi provided Kang with a house and also paid all her shopping and spa expenses. Once Kangana tasted success in her career she dumped Aditya and even went on to claim that the actor was like a father figure to her.

Kangana was next linked to Tamil superstar Jayam Ravi; the two got close while shooting for a Tamil movie, and the actress’ wooping Rs. 75 lakhs fees plus a luxurious car to sign the project sure raised eyebrows. Insiders say that Kangana used her charms on Jayam to get the stupendous amount-n-the sweet ride.

Kangana is now shooting for ‘Raaz-2′ and the crew on the sets disclosed that the actress is trying to get close to Aadhyayan Suman and this time as well insiders are speculating that this time as well the actress is luring for some luxurious bling. In fact, for ‘Haal-e-Dil’ premiere last weekend, Kangana was all dressed up to impress Aadhyayan and his family.

Aditya Panscholi was shocked to see Kangana trying to lure the innocent Aadhyayan so he decided to come out in public to expose this ‘material girl’. Aditya’s statement has sure caught media attention and has cautioned Aadhyayan, but is Kangana a ‘material gal’ or is Aditya simply a frustrated lover? Well, that remains quite the ‘Raaz’ for now.


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Adhyayan Suman is more than a co-star for Kangana Ranaut. The latter is her guru when it comes to gizmos. Kangana and Adhyayan (Shekhar Suman’s son) are working together in Bhatt’s Raaz 2. Says a source close to the actor, “Kangana is very fond of Adhyayan. He reminds her of her brother who isn’t around in Mumbai (he stays with her parents).
Adhyayan and Kangana are almost like siblings, they fight over which gizmos to buy, be it a laptop, i-pods or mobiles.”Adds the source, “Kangana was initially not too well-versed with computers and gadgets. But now, she’s found someone to help her get updated with the latest technology. Adhyayan who is a techno-freak is her guru.
He not only introduces Kangana to the latest gadgets and software but also doubles up as her encyclopedia.”And that’s not all, apparently, Adhyayan has also helped Kangana decide upon the gadgets that she needed to buy recently.
Let’s just hope that with the high tech gadgets, they won’t try to do something funny like taking a sex video or…ok…we’ll shut up and stop giving them ideas.
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Ab Tak Chappan features Nana Patekar as Crime Branch cop Sadhu Agashe, reportedly structured around encounter specialist Daya Nayak.Anurag Basu’s gripping Gangster starring Shiney Ahuja, Kangana Ranaut and Emraan Hashmi revolves around a underworld guy and his unspoken affections for a girl he rescues, is rumoured to be influenced by gangster Abu Salem and starlet Monica Bedi’s liason.

Mahesh Bhatt’s fixation with former girlfriend, Parveen Babi and her mysterious, bizarre ways, is quite well-known.In Woh Lamhe, Kangana plays Sana Azim, a successful actress suffering from extreme hallucination and depression whereas Shiney Ahuja pitches in as the sympathetic filmmaker, patterned around Bhatt himself.

Inspired by the real life incidents in hockey player turned coach Mir Ranjan Negi’s life, Shimit Amin’s Chak De! India was hailed by one and all.
it is widely believed that Guru is a fictional account of legendary industrialist and Reliance tycoon’s Dhirubhai Ambani’s rag-to-riches story.

While RGV denies it, speculation continues if Enron’s former Vice-Chairman, Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche is the inspiration for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Anita Rajan in Sarkar Raj, which opens in the theatres on June 6.
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Everybody on the sets of Mahesh Bhatt’s Raaz 2 is avoiding Kangna Ranaut. Poor Kangna has contracted viral fever after shooting for some underwater sequences of the film.

Already, director Mohit Suri, two assistants and a production member have been infected after being around Kangna. The film was being shot at Filmcity and the doctor was called there to diagnose Kangna’s condition.

Mohit says, “Yes, Kangna has had viral fever since last week, when she had to shoot some underwater scenes.” In fact, Kangna jokingly told Mohit that he deliberately made her fall sick so that she looks more like the character she plays in Raaz 2.

“Kangna joked with me that I made her fall ill so that she resembled her character. She even accused me of being such a perfectionist that I would do anything to make the scene look realistic,” he laughs.

They are running away from her because she looks like an alien that is all.

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Well not literally.

Kangana Ranaut has slowly and silently carved her niche in Bollywood. She gave fabulous performances in ‘Woh Lamhe’, ‘Gangster’ and ‘Metro’. All these films made cash registers ring at the box-office and now she also ambitious projects like ‘Fashion’ and ‘Raaz 2’ in her kitty. To add to all these, the actress will now do an English film, produced by a US-based independent film company, Ambassador Pictures. The film is a modern-day version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Kangana is set to play Juliet in the film titled ‘Between the Night and the Moon’.

The film is based in Kashmir and Florida and will be directed by Italian director Gilda Pianelli. The executive producer of the film was in met Kangana in a five-star hotel at Bandra.
Talking about the meeting, Kangana said, “They want me to play Juliet and I am quite excited about it. I had a very good meeting with the EP of the film. I think that the project is in very good hands.”

“After I am done with Fashion and Raaz 2, I will be going to New York to meet Gilda. It’s a nice project and I am looking forward to it,” added Kangana.

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If you are filming a film, and have two gorgeous looking woman in the industry as co stars, of course there will be rumours or speculations. I mean, embrace it, don’t deny it.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity. Kangana Ranut and Priyanka Chopra are currently filming for their new movie “Fashion”. Though fashion is an understatement, I think they’re having cat fights on who has bigger breast ? I say PRIYANKA WINS
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