Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are now one soul and two bodies. Whatever, Kareena prefers, it becomes Saif’s choice. Kareena doesn’t like Saiffu dear to smoke and Saif very leniently discarded it. Bebo wants Saif to take up yoga; accordingly he followed her advice and undergone strict exercise regime. Kareena’s personal physician is Dr Aggarwal and now Saif is also seeking his advice.

Dr Aggarwal has become a personal physician to both Saif and Kareena. Kareena finds Dr Aggarwal a perfect physician and seeks his advice whenever she requires. Saif also calls Dr Aggarwal when he feels something disorder.

Currently, Saif is busy shooting in London for his first home production opposite Deepika Padukone. Imtiaz Ali is directing his debut film. On the set, Kareena plays the role of a perfect host and takes care of the discomfort of his cast and the crew. She has arranged lunch, dinner for them and takes best care of their well being.


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She really wants to be like KAREENA KAPOOR. First the size zero, and now leaving her boyfriend, hoping that her fate will be similar to Kareena Kapoor. That is getting an A-lister like Saif Ali Khan.The decision has been mutual as the relationship was under strain for quite some time now. As reported by Mid-Day, the split took place just before the actress left for a two month schedule to the USA for Kambakht Ishq.

A close friend says, “She is an emotional wreck. Amu has become quiet and withdrawn. She comes back to the hotel from the shoot and turns in for an early night. Her only comfort is that her best friend Kareena is also there with her. As someone who’s had a long relationship break-up (Shahid), the girls have something in common. Bebo is helping her cope as she understands what Amu is going through.”

Amrita, who allegedly has too much on her plate with Golmaal Returns and Kambakht Ishq, was unable to attend her boyfriend’s birthday in London after which a huge row took place between the couple. Although sources have revealed that the split was civil and avoided any melodrama otherwise.When contacted Amrita said, “It’s true but I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t. Please understand.”

Well, the question now is, what will happen to their respective permanent tattos ? Next time, do not be too confident on your relationship. Or worse, try to be SOMEBODY ELSE, when you’re not. Like Saif-Kareena.


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Are they getting married? They are in love but how long would they wait before they tie the knot? In a recent interview to TOI, Saif Ali Khan expressed his desire to marry kareena as soon as possible. Since it’s been reported everywhere that Saif craves for Bebo’s attention, Saif admitted that if it was possible, he’d be with her everywhere.

“I want to be with her as much as I can. My regret is we can’t be together more often. We’re uncannily similar people and I’ve only now begun to understand why I need to be with her constantly. With due respects to the other relationships in my life, after Amrita and my kids, this is the most important relationship I’ve had. And I’m ready to make it legal.”

If you all are wondering when are they really getting married, here’s what Saif said. “In fact people may be hearing an announcement from us very soon. If I had my way I’d marry her today, right here in London, where she’s joined me.” Is this a very passionate Saif talking or is this for real? Do you think its really happening so soon?


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Saif Ali Khan is pretty well-placed in life now. He just spent quality time with his two kids, his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor has flown down to London to be by his side and his first film as a producer is shaping up steadily.But Saif grumbles that his happiness is marred by people who insist on talking about his private life. And, for once, he isn’t referring to the media. He’s talking about his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano.Recently, Rozza talked about how Saif had cheated on her. Saif retaliates, “People are feeding off me by selling sob stories.

I wish people would stop making a living by talking about me constantly. I’ve never spoken about them. Why are they ceaselessly speaking about me?” Saif says, obviously referring to his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano’s outburst against him.Prod him about Rozza’s salvo about Saif having hidden his children from her when they first met, and Saif is quick to retort, “I’ve never hidden anything from anyone. I’ve never even lied about anything.
My children are, by far, my proudest accomplishment. Why would I hide them?”Meanwhile, Saif is growing increasingly comfortable in current girlfriend Kareena’s space, making an effort to be friendly with all the people who matter to her.What’s more Kareena has joined him in London. Says Saif, “She’s for all practical purposes our hostess here. She’s fully in charge of the social commitments. She supervises the menu for dinners, makes sure everyone is well looked after.This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to observe this hospitable nurturing side of her personality. I’ve never felt happier in my life.”
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Now everyone wants to lose weight, be a siz zero and now amrita rao has also jump in to do a two piece scene ala Challiya from Tashan.

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We know this was last weekend. but we would like to post more news about Temptation Reloaded 2008, old or new, because they DESERVE ALL OUR UTMOST ATTENTION

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For kareena kapoor of course. He was just in the nick of time to catch beau Kareena Kapoor’s iffa performance. Now we want a BOYFRIEND LIKE THAT.

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Saif Ali Khan, who is known to play rather typical characters like Sameer in Dil Chahta Hai, Karan Singh Rathod in Ek Haseena Thi, Cyrus Mistry in Being Cyrus and Langda Tyagi in Omkara, is again ready to play a hatke role.He will play a terrorist in Karan Johar’s next production. The untitled film will be directed by Rang De Basanti writer, Rensil D’Silva.

Says a source close to the film, “The story is a far cry from the usual Karan’s films. There will be no designer glam sham or naach gaana. It is a hard-hitting subject. Karan loved Rensil’s script so much that he decided to produce it. He also gave Rensil the freedom to choose the actors to justify his script. That’s how Rensil decided to cast Saif. He plays a meticulous and urban-educated terrorist. There is also an interesting romantic track between him and the leading lady, Kareena,” adds the source.
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This gorgeous granddaughter of Raj Kapoor was the first girl from Kapoor khandan to prove that she is the chip of the same block. After proving her acting prowess with films like Zubeidaa and Fiza – in search of her brother and giving hits like Biwi no.1 and Dil To Pagal Hai Karisma bid adieu to Bollywood and got married to childhood buddy Sanjay Kapur. As she leaves for Singapore to celebrate “a very intimate” birthday, Karisma shares her happiness with NT.

Your birthday’s on June 25. So, what’re the plans for the big day?

Nothing too elaborate. My husband has some work in Singapore. So, my daughter Samaira and I are also going along with him to celebrate a very intimate birthday. But, I’ll be missing my parents and sister Kareena on my birthday. Bebo’s so busy these days. She recently spent two days with us and went back to the US for one of her shoots. But, she’s doing so well and we understand that it’s busy days ahead for her.

One special birthday of yours spent with Kareena that you fondly remember and what’s the gift that you are expecting from her?

Oh, there have been so many warm moments. Kareena and I’ve always shared a very special bond and every moment spent with her turned out to be great. She’s my baby! To be honest, I don’t expect anything from anyone. And Kareena’s already given me the most precious gift of selfless, unconditional love. I couldn’t have asked for more.



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She is the wittiest and she have even call Bipasha Basu “black cat”, that makes her “white pussy-cat”. Whatever that means. But we have told you that Kareena was supposedly to play opposite Harman Baweja in Love story 2050, which she took it down because of other commitments. Or in this case, she do not want to dampen her careere to start of with Harman whose a debutanat. It’s always risky. But of course, MISS 2nd HAND PRIYANKA always scoop the 2nd hand roles.

Never the less, Harman made it clear that there are no tiff or sitff between he and kareena. So he says. But we do not belive him. Coz Kareena Kapoor hates BOTH HARMAN AND PRIYANKA. Kareena said don’t take koffe with karan personally, but bebo it’s on TV, not like on camera or in writing that you can edit and delete.

Here’s the viddy:

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