InTouch is reporting that KFed has been offered seven-figures to be the new face of the Christopher Brian Collection. Chris Stokes, co-owner of the line, said, “We feel Kevin would be a great model for the line.”

A source said that KFed hasn’t officially signed on because he’s busy with other projects right now. Source said, “Kevin is also working with Chris on his music and movie career.”

Music and movie career. What kind of fuckery is this??? Kevin Federline has a music and movie career??
Will Smith better watch his ass. There is anew hero in town. Same goes to you Kanye. Now don’t go lashing in your blog in caps. Annoying twat.
Ok back to the topic. Kevin Federline has a movies and music career??
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Prive Las Vegas named Kevin Federline Father of The Year.

Britney wasn’t there to congratulate him.

Happy Father’s Day to the real fathers out there.

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offered KFed $4.5 million to remarry Brit so says Star Magazine.

A source said that Daddy Spears has been trying to get KFed back in Brit’s life for a long ass time now. He’s been in negotiations with KFed while keeping it from Brit.

The source went on to say that Daddy’s latest offer to KFed is $4.5 million. I hope he’s not dipping into Brit’s frapp fund. That wouldn’t be funny. The source said, “His latest offer is $4.5 million in cash and a trust account set up with another $5 million if Kevin moves back in with Britney within a year. If they actually remarry, Jamie will add another $5 million to Kevin’s account.”


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Like any good dad, Kevin Federline will be spending this Father’s Day at a nightclub! Las Vegas hotspot Prive has announced plans to honor the ex-husband of singer Britney Spears, a father of four, with a Father of the Year Award during a big blowout ceremony at Sin City’s PLanet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 13th.

He crack us up, whenever we look at him, we can’t stop laughing of the fact that he got dumped on the day he tried to pimp out his cd on LIVE TV.


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Kevin Federline is the new father of the year!

Just in time for Father’s Day, Prive Las Vegas will award the proud papa of four his “father of the year” status at a party he is slated to host there June 13.

Sources tell PEOPLE he will be awarded the title during a presentation at the club.

The unofficial honor is Federline’s second such recognition in a relatively short time. Last November, Details magazine also anointed him father of the year – an honor he shared with onetime Anna Nicole Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead.

Great. First Dina Lohan as Mother of the year. Now Kevin Federline. What’s next? Miley Cyrus FIne Example of Every 15 Year Olds?!?!

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Britney Spears is pregnant again; at least that’s the story the seemingly bloated pop star is telling ex-husband Kevin Federline. The singing star, recently rumored to once again be finding love in the arms of Federline, gave her backup-dancing ex the shock of his life last week when she called to announce she was once again pregnant with his baby!

“Brit’s desperate for a baby girl and she always wanted Kevin to be the daddy,” a Spears spy said in a new tabloid report. “She wants her daughter to have the same father as her sons and for them all to be one happy family.”
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Although they are in the midst of a heated custody battle, sources say Britney Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, are staying in regular contact. And by “regular contact” I mean “phone sex.” Ewww. Star Magazine reports:

Recently, when Britney was having a sleepless night, she decided to call Kevin at nearly 2 a.m. While they initially chatted about their boys – Preston, 2, and Jayden, 20 months – the conversation shifted. And as Britney hoped, Kevin knew exactly how to tire her out – with hours of erotic talk! “They have phone sex often – at least once a week,” an insider tells Star. “The one thing those two have in common is their need for sex, and after they get going, there are no holds barred.”


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April 14, 2008

Adnan Ghalib was attacked by a knife-wielding crazy last night! JFXOnline reports that Adnan was stabbed in the arm and also has a bruise on his eye and lacerations on his face. He received medical attention and is doing alright.
He’s apparently been receiving death threats the past few weeks. It’s unknown who tried to attack his ass.
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April 5, 2008

STAR MAGAZINE is not giving us any shit y’all.
They’re giving us gossips that might be ridiculous. Their new cover has pictures of BRITNEY AND KEVIN reconciling, and going on a holiday together.

I mean, bitch is crazy, mental, crying over justin but she ain’t stupid.

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March 23, 2008

K-fed on the loose on his birthday. TMZ had an exclusive video of K-FED embarrasing himself on his birthday. Trying to be all Paris Hilton to get the crowds together and take his picture. He got a loud BOO instead. OUCH!

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