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The insinuation that Rani Mukerji is a resident Yashraj heroine has the talented actress fuming. A source close to Rani says it takes the actress all her willpower to stop herself from bursting a blood vessel when she’s referred to as the ghar ki heroine at Yashraj.

“What exactly do people mean by this?” says a source very close to Rani. “Agreed Rani has done comparatively more films with the Yashraj banner. But that’s because any heroine in Bollywood would be foolish to turn down an author-backed heroine-centric part like Laga Chunri Mein Daag.”

Continues the source, “In fact Rani makes it a point to remind people that lately she did Karan Johar’s Kabhi Alvidaa Na Kehna, Ravi Chopra’s Baghban and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. None of these is a Yashraj film.”

In fact if rumours are to be believed, Rani is on the verge of signing a couple of films that are far removed from the Yashraj banner.

“One of course is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s historical Bajirao Mastani, which is far from shelved. Sanjay plans to make the film in the near future. And while the rest of the cast may change Rani as Bajirao’s wife remains in place. There are other films that Rani is seriously considering,” says the source.

Adds the source, “Some time ago, Rani said ‘no’ to Mira Nair’s Namesake for emotional reasons. The excuse was dates. But Rani had her own reasons for foregoing a role that has changed Tabu’s career internationally. Today Rani is in a space were she realises being hard-headed and business-like is what Bollywood is all about. She certainly does not want to be branded as a Yashraj heroine.”

Whispers that she acts like a hostess at Yashraj Studios are strongly denied by people close to the organisation. “This is all in people’s minds. Rani is at home in every production house. Have you seen her with Karan Johar or Sanjay Bhansali? She’s totally relaxed in their homes, has long chats with their moms and even goes into their kitchen at will.”

At the moment Rani is in intense preparation for her cricket film with new director Anurag Singh. Says the source, “It’s being said she’s agreed to work with a new director because of the banner. But Rani has worked with Kunal Kohli and Shaad Ali. Even Karan Johar was a debutant when Rani did Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. As for working with only Yashraj, Kunal Kohli’s Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is entirely Kunal’s production. Yashraj have only lent their name.” You said the opposite RANI:

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A high drama broke out in Yash Raj Films Studios, Andheri, recently. Amisha Patel, who was giving interviews to promote her upcoming film Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, was very rude to the media. She stopped her interview session with a leading channel when asked about her alleged link-up with Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’s director Kunal Kohli. In turn, the channel retorted by not telecasting her interview at all.
A few days ago, a section of the media had reported that Amisha and Kunal have come very close and the two are spending a lot of time together. It was further said that they are often on the phone or meet off the sets to spend some quality time with each other.Apparently, Amisha has been confiding in Kunal about her and London-based Kannav Puri’s tense relationship, which is on the verge of a break up.
When contacted, the reporter in question (name withheld by request) confirmed that Amisha acted very haughty. He said, “She was quite grumpy even before I asked her about her alleged relationship with Kunal. I remember that she got annoyed even when I asked her about what happens in the film after the children come to stay in her house.
Then when I asked her about Kunal, she said she was not interested in continuing the interview further. We too did not plead with her to continue. We just disconnected the equipment and left the studio.”The reporter further added that Amisha has not been fair. “Yes, we did scrap off her interview. I wish Amisha had answered all my questions or at least not behaved in such an arrogant manner.
She could have easily answered the question about Kunal. I was simply asking her about what has been reported in the papers. I was just doing my job,” he said.
“Amisha was in a terribly bad mood that day. She also had a panga with one more channel the same day,” he added.Amisha’s interview was scheduled at YRF Studio as YRF and Kunal have jointly produced Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Before Kannav, Amisha was living in with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt for three years.What do you expect. Cheap skanks can’t be gracious movie starlets overnight you know.

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She is proud of that loyal list, she is proud of that banner eventhough she has a fair share of success and flops, mov importantly she is proud to be the MISTRESS of Aditya Chopra, this KILLS US.

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Amisha Patel is back with a bang. (By BANG we meant the bang that she got from Kunal Kohli) Her new glamorous look for the Saif-Rani starrer Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic has got her much attention. After comedies like Honeymoon Travels and Bhool Bhulaiya, it looks like the actress wants to continue down the funny path.

Despite being in a supporting role, she has no regrets, saying it is a very important character. (Important because of what she has done and serviced for Kunal Kohli. Very smart oompa loompa…)

The actress also plans to amuse fans with the forthcoming Chatur Singh with Sanjay Dutt, followed by a project with Neeraj Vohra. Eight years after the massive success of Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, the doe-eyed beauty chooses to be more selective about her films. Quality, not quantity, is now her mantra.

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Talented film maker Kunal Kohli has finally been released from his contract with ailing production house Yash Raj Films. The forthcoming release Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic will be the last film that Kohli directs for Aditya Chopra’s label. Previous to this he has penned films like Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Hum Tum and Fanaa.

Kunal has already begun work on setting up his new production house, which will go be the name of Kunal Kohli Productions. He has a script ready for the first film, which will be a political satire and may star Aamir Khan. Three other films are also being planned, which will be directed by Kohli’s assistants Vicky Bahri, Danish Aslam and Bony Gandhi.

Says Kohli, “When I started out, someone had helped me learn the intricacies of filmmaking. Similarly, I want to help all my teammates who want to make films with whatever little experience I have gathered.”


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Rani is jealous of Ameesha’s closeness to Kunal.
The close friendship of director Kunal Kohli and ACTRESS Ameesha Patel is giving top name Rani Mukherjee the jitters… Rani feels that Ameesha is stealing the limelight from her.

Initially, Ameesha’s role in Kunal Kohli’s flick Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic was supposed to be only a guest appearance. However, because of her closeness with the director, the role has been extended… and now Ameesha is being promoted as one of the lead heroines in the flick. This isn’t going down well with Rani Mukherjee, who was hoping to make this film all her own.

A source says, “Kunal seems to be taken in by Amisha’s soft nature and even fought with ADITYA CHOPRA to get Amisha’s role extended in TPTM. And he has made her look stunning in the film, unlike Rani, who’s looking uninspired. The effort and care that has gone into Amisha’s character is very apparent.”

When Rani noticed Ameesha promoting the film as her own, she immediately went to boyfriend Aditya Chopra (producer of the film) and demanded Ameesha back off. Aditya then told Kunal to put the breaks on Ameesha or else he will never be allowed to work for Yash Raj Films again.

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It’s an event to promote thoda pyar thoda magic. But why are they playing songs from Bunty aur Babli ?


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Children of a few orphanages here were treated to a memorable evening when Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji and other members of Yash Raj Films’ forthcoming movie ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’ sang and danced for them.

Children from eight orphanage homes across the city Friday evening gathered at Bhaidas Hall here to meet Saif, Rani, Amisha Patel, director Kunal Kohli and music directors Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

‘Thoda Pyaar…’ is about four destitute children.
‘Film stars perform at every event. This time, I decided why not give these children a chance to have fun and make them stars of an evening,’ said Kohli, who has also co-produced the film.
The evening was marked by a soulful performance from the film track by the composer trio who have scored the music for the movie. Saif, who plays the lead character in the film, also performed for the children.

‘It is a dream come true. I could never think that Rani didi would dance with me on the same stage. Saif uncle offered me gifts. I will never forget this evening,’ said a 12-year-old girl from an orphanage. Rani, who personally interacted with many children and offered them gifts, was an instant hit with the children. Commenting on the event, Rani said: ‘Children always fascinate me and I enjoy being with them. They are the most beautiful creations of god.’

Highlighting the basic premise of the film, Kohli said: ‘The film’s story revolves around four orphaned children and has the elements of magic, love, emotions and fun.’
Added Rani: ‘It is also about a business tycoon who never got love in his life, four children who are in need of love and an angel who can’t love. My rolea is of an angel sent by god who comes there to bring smile and happiness in their lives.’ situation comes when the four orphans come under the same roof with the business tycoon played by Saif.

‘The film also stars Rishi Kapoor and Amisha Patel in a special role,’ Kohli said.
Compared to Yash Raj Film’s earlier movies, this one is made on a low budget. The cost of the film is less than Rs.200 million and has been shot in Delhi, Los Angeles and Bangkok. It is scheduled to hit the theatres June 27.


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Kunal Kohli Said Ameesha Patel appearnce is the “HIGHLIGHT OF THE MOVIE”

It has also been said that Amisha’s item number is similar to Sridevi’s ‘Kaate nahin katte yeh din yeh raat’ from the film, Mr. India.

compare this video with Amisha Patel’s pictures


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