It was like a posh event. Everybody was wearing something glamorous but yet not over the top but still glamorous.

They came is couples and alone.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Denzel Washington and wife Pauletta, Forest Whitaker and wife, Robert De Niro and wife, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, Gordon Ramsay and wife, Naomi Campbell (The slut who wasn’t even invited but crashed nevertheless), Uma thurman with fiance and patner and Bill Clinton with daughter.

The singles came also in full force. Leona Lewis, Oprah Winfry, Kelly Preston minus John Travolta, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Jenkins, The Sugababes and Kim Catrall.

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June 4, 2008

(Images: Cosmopolitan, Pink Villa, Celeb Haters, The Bosh)

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April 24, 2008

“Honestly, there has been so many, this is the new her, and I’m like, OK, show me the new her. Can she come and work for me and be my double? And I’m not particular talking about this girl Leona, because I only heard her once and I didn’t really hear a true similarity, particularly in the style of music.”
Mariah went on to say,

“It is what it is and critics have compared me to so many people who are not really singers, and they’re certainly not writers.”
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Hmm. A case of sheer coincidence or is there a marketing strategy going on here?

(Image: YBF)

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