Lily Allen is set to record a duet with Lindsay Lohan.The ‘Smile’ singer reportedly wants to team up with the ‘Mean Girls’ actress- who has had a pop career as well as acting success – for a track on hereagerly-awaited second album, according to New! magazine.
However, the proposed duet, entitled ‘Wherever We Go’, has not gone downwell with some music fans who think it could harm Lily’s career.Lily became friends with Lindsay after spending time with her and theactress’ rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson, while she was in Los Angelesworking on her album.
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Lily Allen was at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards at Berkeley Square Gardens in London on Tuesday. She had a pink hair do, a dress, make up and shit.

This was what happened shortly after.

Too drunk and she had to be carried around. Like really too drunk. TOO DRUNK TO EVEN WALK. Write that down. So the next time you see her somewhere, anywhere, remember that the bottle of beer you are carrying is going to be used as a lethal weapona gainst Lily Allen. This is what you do.

When you see her shit ass face you scream: “Lily you cokehead!!! Lily you are an alcoholic!!! Wake up to sobriety!!!”

Then you charge towards er and you break her skull with the bottle. How about that for helping someone.

(Image: Just Jared)

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According to reports, the bratty Brit was kicked off a fancy yacht party this weekend because of her boozy, classless behavior.

The tipsy pop tart apparently ripped off her bikini top and threw herself off the side of the boat during the party! The yacht crew had to fish her out of the Med because she looked like she was about to drown.

Once she was back on board the party host (some Formula 1 big wig) covered her up with her dress because he was embarrassed by her inappropriateness. She was then told, more or less, to get the hell out of the party.

Funny how she always mistake the big events for the shiteous parties that she has back at home.

Home is a pig sty. That is what she is and she loks like on anyway. a fat pig on peroxide.

(Image: Egotastic)

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May 18, 2008

Here at Tinsel Gurus, we really do not care to show censored pics of any anatomy of the body.

Let alone Lily Allen. Here she is being really generous with the paparazzi showing the middle finger and the vagina to full display.

The finger should be inside her vagina. She should have finger fucked herself there. Since she has already shown her vagina, it s of no surpise anymore if she were to have a sex tape. She might as well have sex there and then.

(Image: DListed)

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Lily Allen turn 23 years old today.

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Lily Allen just got her ass dumped by Ed Simons of the chemical Brothers weeks after her miscarriage. We seriously don’t care and so should you, because bad things happen to bad people.
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