Lily Allen is set to record a duet with Lindsay Lohan.The ‘Smile’ singer reportedly wants to team up with the ‘Mean Girls’ actress- who has had a pop career as well as acting success – for a track on hereagerly-awaited second album, according to New! magazine.
However, the proposed duet, entitled ‘Wherever We Go’, has not gone downwell with some music fans who think it could harm Lily’s career.Lily became friends with Lindsay after spending time with her and theactress’ rumored girlfriend Samantha Ronson, while she was in Los Angelesworking on her album.
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July 2, 2008

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Ali isn’t the “Little Lohan” who wants to follow big sister Lindsay into the dog eat dog world of showbusiness.

The thirteen year old girl claiming to be Michael Lohan’s illegitimate daughter has her heart set on becoming a singer, too!

Several major labels have been approached about signing Ashley Kaufmann to a lucrative recording contract, inside sources tell MSNBC’s Courtney Hazlett.

And at least one mole thinks Ashley’s got the chops to outshine both her famous sibs, thank you very much:

“Ashley has more talent than Lindsay or Ali.”

“Ashley’s singing ability just proves that the family talent comes from Michael (Lohan), not Dina Lohan,” says a second spy.

Michael Lohan has talent in singing? Wow. That is breaking news. Either the entire clan of Lohans is fucked up or somebody is fucking up the press.

Nobody, I repeat nobody sings better than LINDSAY. NOBODY. (pun intended. lots of it.)

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In Touch and OK have these photos of supposedly Michael Lohan’s love child with that lady there.

So is the girl really his?

Only time will tell.

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We love Chelsea Handler.

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Michael told OK! Magazine that Lindsay Lohan has a secret sister.

Michael confessed to having sex with some other woman when he was separated from Dina Lohan. The woman contacted Michael years alter to tell him that she has bored his child. Drama!!!

Michael Lohan released the following statement to TV’s Extra, after news broke today, Friday, that he most likely fathered a child while married to Lindsay’s drama momma, Dina:

“I met Christie (mother of bastard child) in 1982 in Houston. In 1995, when I was separated from Dina, she contacted me that she was moving to Long Island. She was going through a divorce at the time. I was with her for a week. Years later, while I was in prison, she contacted to me to say she had a paternity test done that revealed the child’s father was not her husband. She said I was the only other man she had been with. My lawyers are dealing with this. When we find out the truth we will deal with it in the appropriate manner.”

Have fun guys. Go Lohans go!!!!

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Lindsay Lohan will debut her new album Spirit in the Dark on November 4th.
LiLo has selected a track entitled “Playground” as the debut single for the project. The song will be released to radio in September.
We rather call it HIT IT IN THE DARK, so that you get nauseous hearing her sing, and you can’t see anything. Instead of hitting other people out of frustration you hit yourself in the dark…HARD BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THAT ALBUM.
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It was Solange’s birthday party and Samantha Ronson, elder sis Beyonce, haggard mum Tina and Samatha’s bitch Lindsay was there.

The party seems low key. I mean hello, if i was Beyonce, it would be a themed party with a fountain spewing champagne and a nice lush hotel with good lighting and amazing kick ass DJs.

For Solange, the uglier of the Knowles, you get a thrash themed party with a fountain spewing Ribena held in their house basement and you get DJs like Samantha Ronson who kicks ass and licks pussy.


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The movie is called “Labour Pains”. How apt.
It is exactly what we are feeling when we see her in B grade movies.
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Lindsay Lohan chose not to enter the Emmy race for her Ugly Betty guest stint.
But, unlike Heigl she didn’t slam writers or a TV show.
La Lohan’s rep said she didn’t submit herself for contention in the guest race because “the appearance was brief. We made a decision to wait.”
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