Says a source attached to the film, “The first look itself has turned out to be mind blowing. As has been the case with Bhandarkar sir’s films from the past, Fashion too has a shock value attached to it and would catch the viewer unaware. The one minute teaser has been cut quite well and would act as a good enough kick start for the film to start creating a buzz from the word Go! The film is looking great and this is certainly going to be Bhandarkar sir’s biggest project till date.”

On questioned about the film being indeed so huge, Madhur only goes on to say, “I have always maintained that Fashion has gone deep into the underbelly of what happens in the word of glitz and glamour. My films have always showed a mirror to the society and Fashion is no different. Just wait and watch for the film’s teaser on the big screen. This is just going to be the beginning of many more things to come.”

Looking at a November release, Fashion would be one of the many releases of Priyanka Chopra this year which include Love Story 2050, Drona, God Tussi Great Ho, Dostana and Chamku. A co-production of UTV Motion Pictures and Bhandarkar Entertainment Fashion would be releasing more than one and a half years after Bhandarkar’s last film Traffic Signal (which recently fetched the director a National Award for the Best Director). It is filmmaker’s most expensive project till date and is being shot across different countries.

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“If you thought Yash Raj Films are protective about the details regarding their films, then you’ve to see what levels of secrecy are being exercised for Fashion. All of us are virtually on tenterhooks trying to keep the characters, scenes and situations under wraps. But the more we try the more it seems people outside are trying to know what we’re up to,” says a very prominent part of the Fashion team.
Reluctant to speak Madhur finally says, “We’re all getting worried about the constant attention being given to Fashion. I admit it’s the most glamorous film I’ve made. But I still find the curiosity about what we’re doing to be a little unhealthy and scary.”

The last straw was the reporting of Kangana Ranaut’s wardrobe-malfunction sequence last week. The actress who’s currently completely immersed in her role, freaked out when the news of the scene was reported the morning after it was shot. Security is further being tightened on the sets of Fashion, as there’s a prevalent fear on the sets that someone or some people are planning a quickie to beat Fashion to the theatres. Sighs Madhur, “We can’t understand how our scenes are leaking out.

The security is so tight even I am frisked every morning before entering the sets. We aren’t insecure about others making fashion-related films. I’ll shoot at my own pace and wrap up the film by May. But the curiosity about what I’m making is more alarming than flattering.”

Well, again there are alot of news about this movie “fashion”, the name itself is unflattering, of course people wants to know what is the movie all about. Stop making a big fuss, you’re not YASH CHOPRA !!!!

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