June 8, 2008

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Salman Khan was missing at the premier of Sanjay Gupta’s Woodstock Villa, starring his brother Arbaaz Khan. Except Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora (who was seen with Arbaaz), no Khan member was present. The buzz is that it was the presence of the Bachchans (especially Aishwarya’s) that was the cause of Salman’s no-show.
Says a source, “Arbaaz held a trial on Thursday for the Khan family at 12.30 in the afternoon at Ketnav theatre in Bandra where everyone from Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, Salim and Salma Khan to Salman was present. After the trial, Salman drove off to his Panvel farmhouse in the evening. But the real reason that Salman and Salim Khan didn’t go for the premier, which was such an important event for Arbaaz was because Salim Khan and Salman wanted to avoid the Bachchan family. Recently, Salim Khan had made certain disparaging remarks against Amitabh Bachchan and it would have made an awkward moment for both if they had come face-to-face.”
Apparently, Salman also wasn’t keen on coming.

The source clarifies, “Though Salman shares a cordial relationship with Abhishek and a warm and affectionate relationship with the Big B, it would have made for another awkward moment if Aishwarya, the Bachchan bahu and he bumped into each other at the premier. Rather than have so many uncomfortable moments the Khan family decided to skip the premier.”

Arbaaz, however, says, “Salman has just returned from a long and hectic schedule of Main Aur Mrs Khanna in Australia so he couldn’t make it to the premier. But dad and him and the rest of the family saw it at the trial at Ketnav. Also he’s currently very busy preparing for his TV show, 10 Ka Dum, which airs next week on June 6. We have seen the first episode and Salman is simply brilliant!”

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Nobody, we repeat nobody, wears slippers to a movie premiere. Nobody.

Here are some C-listers and an A-lister (that would only be Karan Johar) at the Sex And The City Premiere.

Amrita looks really malnourished. That is how you go about with your diet darling. You look like a clothes hanger now. And Malaika, please, act like a mum. Preeti, WEAR make-up. Please for everybody’s benefit.

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That wonderful body of hers is making wonders in the industry.

Bollywood diva Malaika Arora Khan is very busy now days. The svelte dancer is switching between shooting for her debut film ‘EMI’, hosting the reality dance show ‘Dhoom Macha Le’ for NDTV Imagine and flying to Pune to shake a leg alongside the likes of bro-in law, Salman Khan at the IDEA rock concert.Malaika, after performing at an IPL bash, was spotted at Woodstock Villa’s premiere.

With so many projects lined up, and so much work, she was asked if she missed her family, to which she replied by showing her husband and son’s picture as her mobile wallpaper.
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May 20, 2008

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Yeah yeah yeah whatever. Divorce, getting married yaada yaada yaada. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. You can never be Salman neither are you as sexy. Wait we take that back. Salman looks like fuck nowadays being old and all.

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Some are real moms, some not. Some look like a real mom, some not.
Nevertheless Happy Mother’s Day to all the Bollywood Sirens!!!
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SO THEY LIE TO OUR FACE, saying they are getting a divorce, but th truth is THEY’RE NOT. has the exclusive interviews.

Yesterday, on the front page of this newspaper we carried a story about Malaika Arora splitting up with her husband Arbaaz Khan. We were told by none other than Malaika herself that her husband was “remarrying”.

There were many reasons why we thought the story deserved front-page treatment: Malaika Arora is a huge pin-up star and Arbaaz is a celebrity in his own right, and comes from one of film industry’s most-respected families. In an environment where celebrity unions crumble faster than cookies the two, who have been married for 10 years and are parents of a five-year-old boy, offered a great example of a happy family unit in the face of relentless public scrutiny.

John Updike defined celebrity as a mask that eats into your face. Apparently it also chews up your integrity. It turns out that our story was false. Not for want of journalistic rigour on our part–the reporter did what any journalist sould do on receiving a tip-off– he called up both Malaika and Arbaaz for their versions. Both, through commission and omission, lied brazenly to the reporter.

At no point during their entire taped conversation with our reporter (see transcript, a copy of the tape has been handed over to them) did Malaika or Arbaaz deny rumours of a split. In fact, Malaika actually admitted that Arbaaz was going to remarry. So why would a couple with a longstanding marriage want this kind of an adverse story out in the papers? Why would they put their child through any kind of unpleasant rumour or innuendo at school?

Turns out it was for money.

Both husband and wife had been contracted by a cosmetics company to launch a skin-care product, and the campaign, unveiled on Thursday night, revolved around Arbaaz playing Adonis to his wife’s Aphrodite. They used the myth to renew their vows on stage, thus the sham of remarriage.

How Malaika, arbaaz lied to us

When our reporter, Vickey Lalwani, got the tip off he called Malaika Arora, and Arbaaz Here are the transcripts:

Vickey: There are rumours about you and Arbaaz splitting up.
Malaika: I don’t want to clarify anything. I am not going to tell you anything.

Vickey: You are not denying it?
Malaika: I am not going to confirm your rumour. If Arbaaz is getting re-married, then it’ll come out. If this is what you have heard, then you can write that you got through to me and say, ‘Malaika was not very forthcoming and not wanting to comment’.

Vickey: Are you two still together?
Malaika: I won’t tell you…this is too personal.

Vickey: Supposing this rumour is wrong then needlessly your family gets dragged into an unseemly controversy, what’s the point? So tell me if there is anything to this news?

(At this point Vickey tells her that if she does not want to be quoted, she can talk to him off-the-record).
Malaika (relenting): What do you want to know–that Arbaaz is remarrying? Well yes, he is remarrying.

Vickey: Whom?
Malaika: I’m not saying anything. And if you are my well-wisher you will write a positive article and please call me back with whatever you have written. Now I have to go, have to take my child swimming…But you are not quoting me and you will read out to me what you have written.

Vickey (persisting): Has Arbaaz moved out?
Malaika: That you should ask him. Main kya bolu? You are arm-twisting… This is not a small thing. You go and ask at Galaxy (his parents’ house at bandstand), I don’t know where he is.

(Vickey then calls back Malaika again to read out the story that he has written and which was eventually published, she hears it out and doesn’t say anything).

Vickey: But when did all this happen?
Malaika: (evasively) Very recently.

Celebrities and the media have a symbiotic relationship, feeding off each other. Increasingly, for us in the media, it has become onerous to try and sift fact from spin. We are but a medium between the news-maker and the reader. When celebrities wilfully lie to the media, it’s not just us they are deceiving, they are also making fools of you, reader.

I cannot blieve how LOW these two have sunk. I feel sorry for that child. A Mama who prances around town more than half naked and a Daddy who has no qualms agreeing to silly stories to make a quick buck.

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March 3, 2008

For the first time, Malaika Arora and young sister Amrita Arora will come together on the big screen for a song in director Sanjay Gadhavi’s action thriller ‘Kidnap’.Sanjay Dutt too will be part of the song. The shooting will start in Filmistan from March 9 and will continue till March 13.

Malaika describes the song as “hot, sexy and energetic.” I mean, they don’t have to do much. Just dance and don’t act. You’ll be perfect.

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