It is so unlikely, beacuse we know Manish Malhotra muse are the Kapoors, I think he rather design clothes for Shah rukh khan in temtation reloaded than Bachchans in unforgettable tour.

We always thought Manish Malhotra is on the other side, is on King Khan side, and Khans
entourage , like Kajol, Rani, Kareena. And to our own assumptions, Aishwarya Rai might have a litle control of this tour, we are sure she would want Neeta Lulla to design the costumes. She has designed and styled alot of costumes in Aishwarya’s Career, recalling on the latest one Jodhaa Akhbar. SO for Manish Malhotra to join in the bachchans, we think this is BRIBERY.

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If we were her, we will definelty be so embarassed. Firstly after winning a NA-REEL award for wardrobe malfunction. Instead of blaming it on yourself, you blamed MANISH MALHOTRA…..BAD CHOICE!!!

Vidya BaLAN QUOTED: “Maybe those who wrote those things about me had nothing else to write about. And I will not blame them. I had been talking about the same films and same stuff for too long. But now, I have a release coming up, I am doing a couple of films, so can everyone please concentrate on my career?” she asks.

NEVER VIDYA, its not abour your films, its about how annoying you are,and how ALL STYLIST HATES YOU. Even z-listers can dress better than you.Oh about dancing, you don’t blame your choreographer but you compare yourself to CHARLIE CHAPLIN:

“I know. There was even a count – 25 or something,” she says. “Yes, it was a complex shot, with difficult steps. I was not familiar with the format, so, I took a few extra takes. But, I am not apologetic! I’ve heard Charlie Chaplin sometimes used to take 200 takes. Does that make him any less of an actor?” GOD VIDYA GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF


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“Kareena is in Australia shooting for Mr and Mrs Khanna with Salman Khan and I have been told that she will be the star show stealer for my collection. And now that she is a size one, I have to work doubly hard to get the clothes to fit perfectly”, opening lines as I chat up with ace fashion designer, Manish Malhotra.

Yes, after achieving the much-talked about international figure and initiating a trend of sorts, Bebo is now a size ‘one’. Post-the Tashan and bikini hoopla, Kareena who is currently shooting with Salman Khan in Australia for ‘Main Aur Mrs. Khanna’ is finally giving into the ‘Kapoor urge for food’.

That and the hectic shoot schedules are eating up into Kareena’s workout time who will make her first public appearance in the newly acquired figure at IIFA 2008. Scheduled to be held at Bangkok from June 6-8, IIFA will not just see Kareena grooving to some chartbusting numbers along the likes of Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Govinda, but also walking the ramp for her favourite designer Manish Malhotra.

B-town’s blue-eyed stylist who’s responsible for the makeover of some of the biggest stars, Manish is checking everything twice over to make sure that this one goes smooth. The designer who will present a bridal collection focusing on Indians colours, will also experiment with the colour ‘black’. Manish discloses, I am looking forward to the international Indian platform that will allow me to showcase my art.

I will be using 15 female models and 5 male models. But right now, I am concentrating on Kareena.” Kareena will fly down to Bangkok on the 7th, a couple of hours before the fashion extravaganza. No wonder Manish is having sleepless nights !!!

Well, lets hope her titties grew because she had none in Tashan.

(Image: Bollywood Blog)

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At the music launch of “Thoda Pyaar, Thoda Magic”, Rani walked out in the same clothes that her character wears in the movie. OK, it wasn’t exactly the same!
That’s because designer Manish Malhotra had more than fifty of the same outfit sown for the movie. One look at the outfit and it is pretty obvious to see that Manish used a lot of colors and influences from his own collection ‘La Belle Epoche’, presented at Lakme Fashion Week last year.
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