May 30, 2008

Marc Jacobs doesn’t like Victoria Beckham. He doesn’t even have to mask it.

(Image: DListed)

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May 18, 2008

You know if you are scared with these pictures, then it is not normal.

It is Marc Jacobs bitches, minus his toy boys.

His photo spread for Interview looks creepy yes but remember this was the same man who put erm…erm…his cock inside 3 million young guys with MySpace accounts.

(Image: Perez Hilton)

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Emerging in Jacobs’ life early this year, he is kind of dumb, but likes to fuck. He does porn! And used to be a hooker too!
But, oh no, he is sad.
Rhodes is kicked to the curb at some point, probably because he left to play Moose Mason in an Archie On Ice show or something.

A mysterious fellow, he had lots of MySpace anger.
He was able to define “Boy Toy” for the rest of us idiots.
And he almost got in a fight with poor, rejected Jason.
Somewhere along the line he seems to have disappeared, making room for this new fellow.

Unknown. Possibly picked him up somewhere sleazy and when he was drunk.

A former “rent-boy,” Preston famously tatooed the Marc Jacobs logo on his arm.
The pair kept breaking up.
And getting back together.
Then getting engaged.
Then breaking up again (for good?).

(Image: Google)

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March 24, 2008

Marc Jacobs showing off his new boyfriend Austin at a birthday bash for Perezhilton. Sleazy douchebag. We prefer the previous one.

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Marc Jacobs and boy toy/ boyfriend Jason Preston has broken up. Oh well, shit happens. Lance Bass, go.

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