Mariah Carey went to walk her dog out and caused a papparazzi frenzy.

Well who cares about the dog, as you can see the papparazzi have evidently left out the dog pictures and focused on her nipples that is propbably gasping for air in that tiny dress.

Anyways, where is Nick Cannon? Did she finally realized the real pet that she owns?

(Image: Bossip)

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According to the National Enquirer via MNSBC, the recently wed Nick Cannon has been having the time of his life with his newfound wealth courtesy of Mariah Carey. Most recently, Nick was seen test-driving a $120,000 Maserati Quattroporte.

A vehicle he may add to his armada. Nick currently owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Cadillac Escalade along with four other luxury cars.

“Nick’s having a field day with Mariah’s moolah!” a friend of the diva told the Enquirer. “His head is spinning with the possibilities her black Amex card affords. For now, Mariah is being indulgent with his spending spree, but at the same time, it’s sent up a red flag.”

Another Mariah pal points to Nick’s wedding bling, a heavily bejeweled band, as the sort of thing he expects Mariah to provide. “It’s garish and tacky – and yet another example of Nick’s extravagance at Mariah’s expense,” the source told the magazine. “It’s as if Nick is trying to spend as much as he can as fast as he can – because deep down he knows the gravy train could stop at any time.”

A douche will always be a douche no matter where you put him in.

(Image: The Blemish)

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Here’s Mariah Carey throwing the ceremonial first pitch for a Japanese professional baseball game and yup, just as I expected, she throws like a girl.

WIth heels no less. Where is her adopted child Nick Cannon? I he playing with his own balls at home?

(Image: Hollywood Tuna)

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Nick sure looks too young in this picture. They actually look like Angie and her adopted son from asia. Coz Nick is always “behind” her literally and Mariah is the PANTS in the relationship.
ignorance IS A BLISS.
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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon wants to remarry this time more lavish and over the top.

According to an insider, “It’s going to be held in New York City in the next six weeks. Picture a wedding on the scale of Liza Minnelli’s (to David Gest) and you’ll be on the right track.”

Mimi’s recently told Ellen DeGeneres that the majority of the people at her wedding were “mainly people there to do my hair and help me with the dress.”

So this time around she really wants to go all out.

The source adds, “She wants over 2,000 guests and the budget will be well over $4 million and she’ll have at least 14 bridesmaids.”

14 bridesmaids to what? Carry her fucking ass off to the aisle?

And Nick is not orking out a single cent we presume. Maybe he will pay for the cake. Which would be sponsored nevertheless.

(Image: Google)

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What ever is being done now, has been done by KEVIN FEDERLINE AND BRITNEY SPEARS. Can you imagine Mariah bald, with ciggies and cheetos?

We’re picturing them now…it’s getting ugly.


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To Buy Her more unicorns soft toys, we meant Hello Kitty Soft Toys.
So that they could cuddle together that poor little Hello Kitty.


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Last week, Madge was on top. This week? Mimi has knocked her down!Mariah Carey is winning the battle with Madonna.

The numbers are in and Madge’s Hard Candy has dropped from its #1 spot debut to #5 in the U.S. album charts in just one week.Whereas Carey’s E=MC2, in its 4th week of release, comes in 4 for the week, despite being out much longer than Hard Candy.

Mimi sold 8,000 more units than Madge this week!Now, the important part – money talk!

Madonna’s first weak sales totaled 280k and week 2 brought in 81k for a two week grand total of 361K.Madonna’s drop from week one to week two is 71%!

Mariah Carey’s take for week one ALONE of E=MC2 was 463K.Mimi’s first week of sales totally beats Madge’s 2 week total by a little over 100K. And she’s still selling more than the Queen of Pop.

Carey is on her second single, already, though…


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May 13, 2008

“[Having children] is part of the whole purpose of getting married. I’d just want our children to have the best childhood and upbringing they possibly could.”



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