Mario Lopez turned down a $200,000 offer to pose nude for Playgirl. The magazine approached him after seeing his buff bod photographed on the beach. But Mario’s comment makes me think that it’s not an absolute no. It’s just a no for right now.
“It’s not something for me at the moment.” That was what he said.

Not at the moment? So will he do it in the future? Please save our eyes. He probably has a small dick and he SHAVES down there looking like a nine year old boy.

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June 20, 2008

“We never dated. Unfortunately. We met a long time ago, and she was always with somebody or I was with somebody. But we hit it off and I have the utmost respect for her. Tony Parker is a lucky guy. I was in (sic) her wedding. I walked her mum down the aisle.”

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Mario Lopez was just named the “Hottest Bachelor” by People Magazine.

Other “bachelors” on the list include Brody Jenner, David Cook, Terrence Howard, Britney Spears younger brother, Gerard Butler, Bret Michaels, ScarJo’s twin brother and the fags from Gossip Girl.

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…I can’t think of anything more concrete in outing a closeted hunky latino star from that television series Pacific Blue.

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After two years of dating, Mario Lopez and Dancing with the Stars personality Karina Smirnoff have called it quits.

“Karina has parted ways with her two year relationship with Mario Lopez,” Karina’s spokesperson said in statement on Thursday. “The relationship wasn’t heading in the right direction.”

A rep for Broadway’s Lopez (A Chorus Line) simply said: “Karina and I have the utmost respect for each other. She is a phenomenal and talented woman. I support her always and feel blessed to have her in my life.”


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I mean, who isn’t.

Eva Longoria was not her usual self, while cheering for hubby Tony Parker. Maybe she’s so sick and tired of her life, going on to events without her husband. She is jealous of Victoria Beckham, because Beckham is a sports person as well, but he’s always around Victoria as and when he could find the time to be with her.

For Eva, maybe now she knows her only love is MARIO LOPEZ.


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May 3, 2008

Mario Lopez, star of Broadway and TowleroadTV, and his abs made an appearance on Extra last night.

Is it even possible to look that flawless without having any form of touch-up. No wait. We see body oil…

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April 13, 2008

Mario Lopez shows how fit he really is while rehearsing for the Broadway musical, A Chorus Line in New York City on Friday.

Lopez, 34, is set to play the role of Zach, a demanding director who is casting the chorus roles for a new Broadway musical. His official debut in the musical is this Tuesday, April 15th.

Oh how much you’ve grown from those Pacific Blue days. That bitch who got married to that rocker did it huh?

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