Simple Plan looking plain simple.

New Kids On The Block. Not so new.

Chace Crawford being mobbed by girls. Girls.

The Office’s Ranin Wilson look like he doesn’t know whether to smile or smirk and Flo Ri Da making a grand entrance.

Kirstin Cavallari was there…for some reason.

Mel C taking shelter and Rihanna taking alien poses.

(Image: Daylife)

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Earlier this year they embarked on an overwhelmingly successful reunion tour before cutting it short for various reasons. But now, the Spice Girls are coming back together to attend their friend/manager Simon Fuller’s wedding.
On Wednesday, Emma Bunton (with boyfriend Jade Jones) and Geri Halliwell were spotted leaving Heathrow International Airport in London, England bound for the USA.

They arrived in San Francisco the following day, sporting sunglasses to help fight off the inevitable jet lag.
Also spotted flying in for the wedding was Melanie Brown, along with her husband. And it’s just a few hours’ drive to San Fran from Victoria Beckham’s swanky mansion.
As for the fifth, Mel C, it seems she had a night of hard partying prior to her transatlantic flight, though it is generally believed that she’ll attend as well.

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