Plans are afoot to bring Aishwarya Rai and Meryl Streep together in an American production of Chaos, Colin Serreau’s 2002 French movie.

Says a source, “They ran the concept with Meryl and Ash and they were game. They need to Americanise the theme because Chaos was a very French movie. But, yes, in principle Ash is on for this film.”
Ash is slated to play a sex worker in the film. SUCH DOUBLE STANDARD AISH. You can’t play a SLUT IN DOSTANA, but you can play A SEX WORKER IN HOLLYWOOD.WOW!!
Another international project Aishwarya has agreed to is Roland Joffe’s Singularity with Brendan Fraser. Ash says she has asked for the final draft of the script. “Now the time factor has to be worked out. The time they want is devoted to Mani (Ratnam) Sir’s project. New dates have to be worked out. There’re so many projects that I want to do but because of the dates or a delay I can’t. There’re only that number of assignments I can take on. I’ve never done more work than I can do. I never can.”
In the meanwhile, Aishwarya gets ready to shoot for Shankar’s Robot and Mani Ratnam’s film with Abhishek.

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Ash is going to Hollywood once again and this time she’ll team up with Oscar winner Meryl Streep.

The movie is an adaptation of a French film, Chaos, and focuses on the distress that upshoots when a young prostitute, unintentionally, intrudes into the life of a modern middle class couple.
Reports add that Ash will be playing the role of a prostitute, who suffers physical and mental torture. The film emphasizes on the struggle that the prostitute has to make for her survival, her resurrection and dignity.

Although the film’s name has not been officially announced since it has first to be adapted for American audiences, reports confirmed both Ash and Meryl as a part of the project.


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