Now we know why EXACTLY IT FLOP. Having Jessica Simpson there, eventhough only for a few seconds could make the whole matter worse. It’s like a Jinx, first the reality show that made her marriage in the rocks, now every film she’s in, is a FLOP FLOP FLOP.

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Hello Viewers:Our new weekly round up week 3 video is Up…Leave your comments , suggestion whatever.

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Love Guru is expected to take in a disastrous $14 million in America this weekend, whereas Get Smart is projected to make $40 million.

And this is only predictions. Besides anything with Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake is going to be a flop. Even Jessica doing a Bollywood dance and Justin in Speedos won’t help.

(Image: Google)

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We all know Mike Myers as a mainstream funnyman, but given his string of quirky characters who spontaneously burst into song, the man who brought us ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘Shrek’ might be on his way to a whole other musical number.

“I would love one day to be in a Bollywood film,” Myers told us yesterday while promoting his film “The Love Guru.” “If there¹s a Bollywood director who wants to hire a Scottishy-English-Canadian actor who does comedies, I¹m their man.”

Myers, who plays the mystical, mischievous Guru Pitka, says his ideal Bollywood scenario would be documenting a trip to India for HBO.

“I want to go and be a working actor and do the compare and contrast, andthen on weekends go visit all the holy sites and all the wonderful magic places of India,” Myers says.Perhaps Myers’ pal Deepak Chopra, (who makes a cameo as Myers¹ rival in the film), can arrange that?

“Well, wouldn’t that be a fantasy!” Myers says. “Chopra has offered to take me to India and, my God, the second I have down time, that is what I¹m going to do and I can¹t wait.”

Considering that The Love Guru was recently Slapped with Controversy regarding the making fun of Hindus, this seems like the only option left isn’t it?

(Image: Bollywood101)

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Hindus in the US carrying out a campaign against controversial film ‘The Love Guru’ have appealed to Motion Picture Association of America to suspend the membership of Paramount Pictures, the presenters of the movie, for allegedly “hurting” sentiments of the community. Bhavna Shinde, representing Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanatan Society for Scientific Spirituality, alleged in a communique to MPAA and its chairman Dan Glickman that Paramount went back on its promise to pre-screen the movie for Hindu leaders.


Hindu groups are protesting the release of the movie, alleging that it “lampoons their religion and beliefs”.Paramount should be suspended from MPAA for “unethical and unprofessional business practices, which have resulted in the one-billion-strong Hindu community worldwide feeling hurt,” Shinde said, according to a press statement here.

In view of apparent lampooning by “The Love Guru” and Paramount showing “utter disregard” to the protestors, Hindus are also considering launching call for worldwide boycott of products of Paramount and its parent company Viacom if no immediate acceptable solution is reached, the statement said.Hindus have also floated an online protest signature drive, which had over 5,500 signatures today.”The Love Guru”, a comedy starring Mike Myers, is set to release on June 20 next. The main character in the film is raised in an ‘ashram’ in India and then moves to the US as ‘Guru Pitka’ to seek fame and fortune.

We think that the real reason for all this suspension was the fact that JESSICA ALBA DID NOT DO JUSTICE IN DANCING BOLLYWOOD STYLE. Gosh need we say more……


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June 14, 2008

Justin Timberlake’s ‘package’ was digitally altered in new movie ‘The LoveGuru’ – because it was too big.The film’s director, and Justin’s co-star, Mike Myers revealed the’SexyBack’ singer left cast and crew stunned when he stepped on to set in apair of tight Speedo swimming trunks which left nothing to the imagination.

He said: “What is amazing about the Speedo is that they have to do a lot ofspecial effects to reduce the size.

What is the use of having big appendage when your previous girlfriend is a nutcrack and your current one is a man?

(Image: Hollywood Rag)

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Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Someone do something.

Considering that she flexed her dancing skills in Honey, her dancing is too wierd for words.

You have been warned.

Mike Myers – “The Joker” Music Video – THE LOVE GURU

(Video: MySpaceTv)

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This is the first official ad for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards featuring Mike Myers with wings and a gold thong.

The MTV Movie Awards will be live on June 1st, 8pm.

MTV Movie Awards Package
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3 days / 2 nights deluxe hotel accommodations
Full breakfast daily
Ticket to the MTV Movie Awards
Limousine transportation to and from the awards show
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All taxes and gratuities Call TSE at (877) 621-5243 to customize this package!

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May 15, 2008

Yes it will be a stinker.

(Video: Youtube)

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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is reportedly being considered as the female lead for the fourth installment of the Austin Powers series according to the Boston Globe.

Gisele, 27, would be following in the footsteps of Beyoncé, Heather Graham and Elizabeth Hurley.

How exciting BABY!!!

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