Really priyanaka, you were a Miss World, that doesnt mean you have to follow all the Miss WOrld around you, particularly Aish. We prefer YOU actually so don’t spoil it. That dress, that hairstyle that accent. Just Watch it aite!!!

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By all standards, the movie is soooo going to kick ass….

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We also have the movie dates and timing, all for our london viewers out there…waddup y’all.

Love Story 2050Drama/Musical/Romance/Science fiction – Hindi – IMDb
Cineworld Staples CornerGeron Way, London, NW2 6LW, UK – Map20:40
Vue Cinemas Croydon Grant’s14 High St., Croydon, CR0 1GT, UK – Map12:40 16:20 20:00
Vue Cinemas ActonWestern Ave., London, W3 0PA, UK – Map20:00
Vue Cinemas HarrowSt. George’s hopping & Leisure Centre, Harrow, HA1 1AS, UK – Map13:50 17:30 21:20

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The gay media watchdogs over at GLAAD are bent out of shape because Will Smith’s titular character in Hancock uses the word “homo.” Thrice!!

At approximately 24 minutes into the film, while Jason Bateman’s PR whiz works to rehabilitate the superhero’s tarnished image, he shows Hancock three comic book images in an effort to inspire him. But Hancock rejects the traditional image of costumed superheroes as he responds to each one: “Homo. Homo in red. Norwegian homo.”

The audience is prompted to laugh and there is no response to or retribution for Hancock’s remarks. Bateman’s character, the father of a young son, could have easily spoken up instead of giving Hancock a pass.…Rated PG-13, Hancock is being marketed to families, teens and young adults. This film certainly presents an opportunity for parents to explain to their kids that the usually entertaining character of Hancock is not modeling good behavior. But let’s get real: Hancock’s use of the slur sends a problematic message that it’s okay to discriminate using such hateful words.

Publicity, publicity, publicity.

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Now we know why EXACTLY IT FLOP. Having Jessica Simpson there, eventhough only for a few seconds could make the whole matter worse. It’s like a Jinx, first the reality show that made her marriage in the rocks, now every film she’s in, is a FLOP FLOP FLOP.

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Here are the exclusive pictures during thier press conference in LONDON. Exclusive from INDIAFM.

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Rose McGowan and director Robert Rodriguez are done…over…finished, according to an industry insider.
It’s been previously reported that McGowan was to star in at least three upcoming Rodriguez projects: a Barbarella remake, Red Sonja and Woman in Chains.
Rumor has it that Rodriguez couldn’t find adequate financing for Barbarella because proposed star Rose is not a big enough name, which led to a major blow up between the two.

The suits want Jessica Alba to take the Barbarella lead role.
Wow, it is like recovering from a shark attack but only to be stung by a very posionous jellyfish.
Good luck on that Robert.
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Deepika Padukone is special to Harman Baweja and so is Karan Johar. The two have specially flown to London to attend the premiere of Love Story 2050 which will be held this evening at Cineworld, Feltham in London. Harman Baweja is excited and said, “There is nothing like friends and the film fraternity supporting your debut venture. I am elated that they have made my big night so special”. Harman will also be meeting his namesake, Harman Baweja at the premiere. His third cousin, Harman will be flying out from Canada especially for the premiere and this get together will be a first for the two.


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Every filmmaker desires to work with superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Recently, Madhur Bhandarkar expressed his willingness to direct Big B and now it’s the turn of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He had once directed him in Black and again wishes to cast him in his forthcoming film Chenab Ghandhi.

Talking about his venture with Bhansali, Big B says, “It will be inappropriate to talk about the project as we are just discussing its script. But, yes I was approached to do the film and it will be directed by his assistant, while Bhansali will produce it.” It’s titled Chenab Gandhi. At present, he is busy shooting for Alladin and yet to give his dates to Bhansali.The film will also star the next door gal Vidya Balan and debutante Harman Baweja


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If everybody starts listening to our ancestors then such mistakes wont repet.

This is what our forefathers have to say,“drink in limit.”

Vidya Balan gets drunk and insults fellow guests. It has been reported in the Indian media that popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan made a mockery of herself at a party in London last week. The actress is rumored to have got drunk and then insulted fellow party goers.

One has to keep in mind that Vidya is not usually like this and, because of the excessive drinking, could have lost her senses. Come on

As we said, this story is possibly not true but if it was, then this has definitely made our day. Seeing Vidya Balan drunk would probably be like watching a monkey trying to dance Dola re Dola. No wait. Aishwarya did that already.

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