It was like a posh event. Everybody was wearing something glamorous but yet not over the top but still glamorous.

They came is couples and alone.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Denzel Washington and wife Pauletta, Forest Whitaker and wife, Robert De Niro and wife, Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, Gordon Ramsay and wife, Naomi Campbell (The slut who wasn’t even invited but crashed nevertheless), Uma thurman with fiance and patner and Bill Clinton with daughter.

The singles came also in full force. Leona Lewis, Oprah Winfry, Kelly Preston minus John Travolta, Pierce Brosnan, Katherine Jenkins, The Sugababes and Kim Catrall.

(Image: DayLife)

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Naomi Campbell is not wanted at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration this weekend in London. Mandela himself demanded that Naomi be taken off the list of presenters. She was supposed to introduce some musical acts , but Mandela is not happy with her recent arrest and now she’s been banished to the bleachers.

A source told the Daily Mail, “The man himself intervened and she was pulled off the list. He was disappointed with her recent arrest – particularly as she was wearing a 46664 baseball cap at the time.”

46664 was Mandela’s inmate number and it’s also the name of his AIDS charity. The source went on to say, “The organizers felt that this type of negative publicity goes against everything Mandela stands for and didn’t want her arrest to be associated with the charity concert.” Naomi and Mandela have been friends for over 10 years and she even called him her “honorary pepaw.”

Nelson better take cover. Naomi ison his ass now. She will bringan entire collection of mobile phones to throw a him during the concert.

(Image: DListed)

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Crazy or not, this lady still knows how to take a fierce picture.

And this is Naomi Campbell modeling in the Dolce & Gabbana – MFW Menswear Spring / Summer 2009 fashion show in Milan last night.

(Images: Fashionizing, Bossip)

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“I was called a racial name on that flight. And that was part of my reaction. Again, nothing to do with the police but yes from British Airways. I was called a golliwog supermodel, I don’t think that’s really fair do you?’ Would you like it if someone turned round and called you a golliwog supermodel? I mean I’m proud to be a black woman, I’m proud to be British, I’m proud of the job that I do but I did not call anyone names of colour, of their race. And, you know, I’ve had to leave all of that out of court and all of that out of statement because at the end of the day the real problem was, I took my upset and my, the end of my wrath came out on the police, which was wrong.”

Naomi Campbell told Sky News on Friday

(Image: Perez Hilton)
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Naomi Campbell plead guilty in court today admitting she assaulted two police officers in London’s Heathrow airport. She has been fined $4,500 and sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

The supermodel, 38, admitted guilt to four of the six charges she was facing – two counts of assaulting a police officer; one of using threatening, abusive words or behavior to cabin crew; and one of using insulting, abusive, threatening behavior or disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

“Ms. Campbell was aggressive, hostile and violent to people who were simply trying to do their jobs,” C.P.S. director Nazir Afzal said in a statement. “Her behavior fell far short of what is acceptable.”

Granted, last year in March, Naomi was also sentenced to community service for throwing a phone at her maid.

When will she learn?

(Image: The Blemish)

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But don’t tell her that. She will kill you.

She will do and is capable of doing everything. Oh you so wouldn’t want to mess with the panther.

Keep your comments to yourself. She can go the Tyra way. Wear weaves.

(Image: Celebslam)

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June 14, 2008

Recently, we posed about how Naomi Campbell’s drunk ass fell after partying, now there are reorts saying that she was playing a trust game. Yeah right.

The agent told The Sun, “It was just a bit of fun and not down to drink. Naomi was playing this trust game, where you fall into a friend’s arms. It’s very hot there, so that could also have had something to do with it.”


(Image: DListed)

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Do not laugh. Laugh at your own peril.

If you were to laugh at Naomi Campbell when she falls, be warned and pray hard that she is not holding anything at all. Phones, irons whatever, it will go to your head. And if you are lucky enough, she will scream and ask you if youcome from a third world country.

Here is Naomi Campbell falling on her black ass at Capri, Italy after a hard night of partying and beating people up.

(Image: DListed)

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May 24, 2008

Naomi Campbell celebrated her 38th Birfday in Cannes last night, but the night ended with Naomi in crocodile tears after Diddy threw her off his yacht! TMZ reports that Naomi showed up to Diddy’s party and the two got into a major fight which led to Naomi being thrown off.

The Mirror claims the tears had nothing to do with Diddy. They were tears of joy! Naomi was so overcome with emotion from seeing her friends. False! Naomi does not cry and she certainly doesn’t experience joy.

Naomi has also been getting shit for hanging around con man Christopher Rocancourt. She partied with him earlier last night and has been dragging him to other Cannes events.

And if all that isn’t bad enough, Naomi will be charged for attacking a policeman at Heathrow last month. In case you forgot, Naomi was pulled off of a flight to Los Angeles after she threw a hissy fit over a lost bag. She allegedly shouted racial slurs, kicked, punched and spit at several cops. She is expected in court next week.

(Image: Mr. Papparazzi)

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Here’s Naomi shooting scenes for her guest appearance on “Ugly Betty” yesterday.

Keep her away from those baseball bats. She will go on a rampage. No wait, her only vice is phones.

Ok we are safe.

(Image: DListed)

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