It is so unlikely, beacuse we know Manish Malhotra muse are the Kapoors, I think he rather design clothes for Shah rukh khan in temtation reloaded than Bachchans in unforgettable tour.

We always thought Manish Malhotra is on the other side, is on King Khan side, and Khans
entourage , like Kajol, Rani, Kareena. And to our own assumptions, Aishwarya Rai might have a litle control of this tour, we are sure she would want Neeta Lulla to design the costumes. She has designed and styled alot of costumes in Aishwarya’s Career, recalling on the latest one Jodhaa Akhbar. SO for Manish Malhotra to join in the bachchans, we think this is BRIBERY.

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Designer Statement:Neeta Lulla: “She looks cool in anything, from baggy overalls to slinky gowns. But Aishwarya prefers the more sedate look, a little sophisticated one, when she is not acting. Her personal style is very subdued.”

Ash’s style statement: “It’s simplicity and elegance. I was always easy about dressing. Comfort is the main criterion. My clothes are never extravagant. I like to believe I’m multi-faceted and each outfit at each place has to reflect a different aspect. I like a very minimalist look, with minimum accessories. My favourite colours are white, red and blue.”

Favorite Designers: Neeta Lulla. “Neeta makes me look good, always! I like her Indian clothes, very ethnic and at the same time, very glamorous. Her chaniya cholis and her sari blouses always make me drool.” Shahab Durazi: “For his perfect cuts and fittings. Shahab’s western outfits makes me feel like a modern day princess, it fits so well. I particularly like his Indo-Western outfits where he has combined his minimalist kurtas with beautiful pants.”


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