Neha Dhupia is former Miss India, can’t she do better than this :

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She must have broken alot of hearts when she walked in to the music launch of Singh Is King, with her arm candy, Salman Khan. To keep rumours to rest of thier break up, they never walked hand in hand, but side by side. That’s a good sign , we think.

But she’s covered up, from waist to feet. You’re the sexiest woman on earth, from FHM. Please Katrina kaif, we are very dissapointed with this “hideos gown”.

Hard kaur, was all perfect at least. And neha dhupia outshines Katrina Kaif with this yellow number. But we’re not feeling the tanned tranny make-up look.

And oh, where the hell is AKSHAY KUMAR ???


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It is definitely a very catchy title and Akshay Kumar and Director Vipul Shah can’t stop smiling when you ask the duo on how they thought about this title. Akshay loves sharing his story and he says, “When I was driving back from Jaipur there was a Sardarji’s truck in front of our car. At the back of the truck were the words, ‘Singh is Kinng’.”

Akshay them immediately called Vipul up and informed him about the brilliant title and they agreed t name their next project ‘Singh is Kinng’. It is known that Akshay has been trying to give tough competition to Shahrukh Khan so when we asked Akki about his plans to dethrone the king the actor laughed it off. Akshay said that the word ‘King’ has been a mere coincidence and he has no plans whatsoever to invade SRK’s Kingdom. Akshay also added that his character’s name is ‘Happy Singh’ in the movie and just like his character the star too seems to be happy being the ‘Khiladi’.


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Four years back the sexy Neha Dhupia sizzled in the box-office hit, Julie. Is it any coincidence that in her next keenly awaited Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif starrer Singh Is Kinng, Neha’s character name happens to be Julie yet again!

Blushes Neha, “I don’t think the Julie connection will ever leave me! Even today when I go up north and to the small towns, people say Arre Julie Aa Gayi! Since the association is so strong, I said why not christen my character Julie!”

Was Julie the initial choice? “No! I’m not sure what they had in mind initially! I think it was Rosy!” she laughs.

On how she landed herself a juicy role in the film, Neha reveals, “Vipul’s (Shah) office approached me. I was slightly apprehensive initially because I wasn’t playing the romantic interest. But I was assured that being the girl of the gang I’d have a plum part. And because I am a sardar in real life as well that helped!”

About Singh Is Kinng, she smiles confidently, “Just watch it! It’s an absolute blast!”
Singh Is Kinng is out worldwide on August 8 and previews in select locations on August 7. It is an Indian Films – Studio 18 release.

Catch the promo of Singh Is King Here.


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Nobody, we repeat nobody, wears slippers to a movie premiere. Nobody.

Here are some C-listers and an A-lister (that would only be Karan Johar) at the Sex And The City Premiere.

Amrita looks really malnourished. That is how you go about with your diet darling. You look like a clothes hanger now. And Malaika, please, act like a mum. Preeti, WEAR make-up. Please for everybody’s benefit.

(Image: Filmi Cafe)

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(Image: Bollywood Gossips)
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