AND WE DON’T CARE…For those who care, they’re always bathing in the pool. Guess they got chased out from their landlords.

Vanessa is always Horny, and Nick is always Sleepy.


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Stifler from American Pie gets asked about why Nick Lachey hates him in some interview and says because he fucked Jessica Simpson. Possibly during the Dukes OF Hazzard days. How fun.

Nick slept with a ho. Jess slept with a douche. Picture perfect. Do we hear NEWLYWEDS 9675167412?

(Video: Drunken Stepfather)

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Remember the last picture, taken back in 2006. She hold on to then hubby , and showing to the papparzi that she is NOT HEADING FOR THE DIVORCE ROUTE.

Well she is playing charade with us. Here she is now with Tony Romo, staging the photoshoot with tony romo. Same Head position, same sunglass, same body language.Really Jessica, you don’t have to play it anymore. WE GET YOU!!!


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Robbie William has turned to this fat beastly, and who need SPECIAL ATTENTION.


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Nick Lachey will host an ABC talent show based on Disney’s High School Musical franchise.
Tentatively titled High School Musical: Summer Session, the show will feature contestants between the ages of 16 and 22.

High School Musical: Summer Session, is launching open casting calls this weekend with a series premiere set for Sunday, June 20.
High School Musical 3: Senior Year is currently being filmed in Utah while a fourth installment of the hit series is being written.
You heared him, if all things fail- GO BACK TO SQUARE ONE
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Vanessa Slut looks desperate as ever. Now that her career as the TRL host is gettting no where, and quickly seducng Nick Lachey post his divorce with Jessica Simpson, i think Karma is working all around Vanessa Minnilo.

The Enquirer goes on to report that their issues were “on public display” at the end of last month at LA’s popular celeb hangout, Katsuya. According to an eyewitness, they “sat in stone silence for more than 30 minutes after having what appeared to be an argument. As they left that night, Vanessa was in tears sitting next to Nick who was gripping the steering wheel of the car.”
Another source wouldn’t be shocked if “Nick is sick of her.” At a birthday bash for basketball star Baron Davis, Vanessa “had a good bit to drink, and she turned into a bitchy high school drama queen.” The source goes on to say that ‘Nessa was totally rude to some people and then flirted with a bunch of athletes, hung all over other guys, rude to fans who wanted her autograph and spent half the evening sneering at other female guests.

ARGH! Childish
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March 11, 2008

Here’s Jessica Simpson, doing her another operation smile/myspace. Just to show the world that she’s still brave to be in public after many people hate her with romo, and after all fail moives and albums.

I’m so sure she is still not a has been, the only ones on that list are Nick lachey and that bimbo bitch.No, not jessica- vanessa.

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