May 22, 2008

Jen must be thinking, “Oh Mayer, how I wish this was you.”

Owen must be thnking, “Oh Kate, how I wish this was you.”

We are thinking, “Oh shut the fuck up you two.”

Here is the most talented actress and the most hardworking actor in Hollywood on the sets of their new movie.

(Image: DListed)

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Jennifer Aniston and her Marley and Me costar Owen Wilson are in West Chester, Pennsylvania to shoot some snow scenes for the movie. Of course, even though it is much colder there than in Miami, the snow was fake and had to be created for the scenes.

The real fake things that are present is her fugly ass face and her equally ugly ass co star.

Urgh. Just die already.

(Image: Socialite Life)

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Earlier, we have said these two are engaged.
Now they have broken up AGAIN.

“It was a pretty bad breakup,” a friend of Owen’s tells People Magazine. “Owen said it was a tough one. He definitely doesn’t want to dwell on it. He wants to put it behind him.”
Owen and Kate have been dating since the met on the set of their 2006 film You, Me And Dupre.

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We knew that they were BACK TOGETHER, and we YAWN OH SO WIDELY ABOUT IT.

But what we just knew is yes, they are ENGAGED.

Wait a minute, didn’t Owen nearly went suicidal because of kate. Is kate marrying him because Owen has threatened to commit suicide.


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They Deserve Each Other

March 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are currently filming “Marly & Me” together in Miami and sources say the two might be more than co-stars. Star Magazine said the two have been “canoodling” even when the cameras are off.

A source said, “The hugging didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling. They were very flirty together, far more than you would expect. In between takes they were hanging onto each other. They are very friendly. “Jen is known for being a recluse on set. But she’s having so much fun hanging out with Owen. She’s just really relaxed and happy, which is nice to see.”

But isn’t Owen Wilson dating Kate Hudson? Oh gosh. Whatever. If you ask us, these two deserve each other because they are screwed up in the head. Jen will always walk her dog and talk about Brad every single time and Owen will get depressed and attempt suicide. And then Jen will walk her dog more.

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Still Walking the dog

March 11, 2008

But this time, is for her (jennifer aniston, if you cannot recognise her) upcoming movie with OWEN WILSON.

Marley & Me is scheduled to open Christmas Day 2008.Brace yourself.

[Image: JustJared]

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February 27, 2008

Back together. Ok next.

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