March 29, 2008

The papparazis , have their OWN playset. Not long later, they will get their own star in the walk of fame.


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Leave her alone. For one whole week, do not even bother to take her pictures or interview her. When she goes around buying her starbucks or just acting crazy, leave her alone. Do not even snap a single picture. Do not say hi. Do not smile. Walk away.
Whenever she comes close to you, run away with your cameras. Run away like she is the plague. Do not bother about her. Do not write anything about her. Do not write anything about her kids or any of her husbands or her little sister or her mother or her father.
Do not do anything. Leave her alone. She wants attention and that is exactly what we are going to deprive her off. No more taking pictures, no more chasing after her car, no more waiting outside the clubs she frequents, the shops she frequents, her house, the restaurants she frequents.
Do absolutely nothing. Snap other celebrities not her. Give her ZERO attention. Then she will learn that the world does not revolve around her and she will commit suicide and then, well, there is no more and. Bitch dead. Hello world.
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Britney showed off her new car, a black Mercedes Benz SLK 350 and drove it around for a spin. Naturally, papparazzi followed. They showed her the closer route home via a shortcut. Bitch couldn’t drive and nearly went over the cliff. Afraid, she panicked and stopped and went out and started blabbering away in what she would want us to interprete as a British Accent and all the while whining about how she feel scared and even asked a papparazzi to come into her car and accompany her.
1. She should never be allowed to drive.
2. British accent sounds like a Jamaican prayer mixed with English and Mandarin.
3. She should have just went over the cliff and died and the world would be a better place to live in.
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