Paula Abdul has split from her restaurateur boyfriend J.T. Torregiani.

The 46-year-old began dating Torregiani – who is 12 years her junior – last July, and the couple moved in together soon afterwards.

But Abdul’s representative, Jeffery Ballard, has confirmed to E! that they are no longer together – and haven’t been for some time.

He says, “They broke up months ago.”

Why????? Just when you thought little crackhead might be settling down she just runs off for her daily fix of crazy pills. She is already 46.

When will she get married. We are worried for her. Her vag is probably in a state of oh we don’t know, stateless?

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The British media is reporting that Paula Abdul may be replacing Sharon Osbourne, who quit the show last week, on X Factor.
Oh no, juggling two shows at one. American Idol and X Factor. She is going to get really stressed and not have enogh sleep. More the reason to act loopy in front of millions of people. Very smart indeed…
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Aussie pop star Dannii Minogue is being courted for a judging gig on the eighth season of American Idol. The younger sister of singer Kylie Minogue is set to join fellow X Factor judge Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul on a revamped Idol judging panel in a bid to recreate FOX’s reality talent competition hit. American Idol saw a sharp decline in viewership during it’s seventh season.

Oh we can’t wait for the upsurge of gay boys watching American Idol next season. That would be a real increase in ratings baby.

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Can She Do It?!

March 27, 2008

Paula Abdul has been tapped to kick off the Today show concert series on April 25th. Can she handle the pressure?! Will she break down and ask people to start treating her like the gift that she is?!

Miley Cyrus Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield, Donna Summer, Mary J. Blige and Ashlee Simpson are also among the list of performers scheduled.

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The much awaited performance by Paula Abdul, during the superbowl season.
She’s just an old hag, get over it. Don’t do a comeback and lipsync, and dance like there’s no tomorrow.
She and Britney should do a duet, it would be so nice.
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January 29, 2008

Apparently, bitch held up her fans for five HOURS in the rain during her Superbowl concert due to a breakdown backstage. What was she thinking? She is not Babra Streisand. Even old hag don’t make her fans wait for five hours while she get her shit together. Speaking of which, who takes five hours to recover from a breakdown? She must be high on meth. What did she thought? This is year 1992?!
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