Look who got all nice and sweaty during a show in Berlin over the weekend. Pharrell is planning on getting those tattoos removed from his lean physique using a costly and experimental new procedure. In his words:

“It’s going to be pricey, but f**k it, it’s worth it. I got fire on my arms! I’m a grown man! There’s an institute called the Wake Forest Institute in North Carolina for Regenerative Skin Treatment. It’s basically like getting a skin graft, but you’re not taking skin from your ass or your legs. These guys actually grow the skin for you. First you have to give them a sample of your skin, which they then replicate. Once that’s been done, they sew it on – and it’s seamless.”

But Williams is already plotting replacement tattoos. He adds, “When it has healed you can go get whatever tattoo you want.”

However costly or technologically advanced it is, it sounds disgusting.

(Image: Bossip)

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