Says a source attached to the film, “The first look itself has turned out to be mind blowing. As has been the case with Bhandarkar sir’s films from the past, Fashion too has a shock value attached to it and would catch the viewer unaware. The one minute teaser has been cut quite well and would act as a good enough kick start for the film to start creating a buzz from the word Go! The film is looking great and this is certainly going to be Bhandarkar sir’s biggest project till date.”

On questioned about the film being indeed so huge, Madhur only goes on to say, “I have always maintained that Fashion has gone deep into the underbelly of what happens in the word of glitz and glamour. My films have always showed a mirror to the society and Fashion is no different. Just wait and watch for the film’s teaser on the big screen. This is just going to be the beginning of many more things to come.”

Looking at a November release, Fashion would be one of the many releases of Priyanka Chopra this year which include Love Story 2050, Drona, God Tussi Great Ho, Dostana and Chamku. A co-production of UTV Motion Pictures and Bhandarkar Entertainment Fashion would be releasing more than one and a half years after Bhandarkar’s last film Traffic Signal (which recently fetched the director a National Award for the Best Director). It is filmmaker’s most expensive project till date and is being shot across different countries.

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She is the wittiest and she have even call Bipasha Basu “black cat”, that makes her “white pussy-cat”. Whatever that means. But we have told you that Kareena was supposedly to play opposite Harman Baweja in Love story 2050, which she took it down because of other commitments. Or in this case, she do not want to dampen her careere to start of with Harman whose a debutanat. It’s always risky. But of course, MISS 2nd HAND PRIYANKA always scoop the 2nd hand roles.

Never the less, Harman made it clear that there are no tiff or sitff between he and kareena. So he says. But we do not belive him. Coz Kareena Kapoor hates BOTH HARMAN AND PRIYANKA. Kareena said don’t take koffe with karan personally, but bebo it’s on TV, not like on camera or in writing that you can edit and delete.

Here’s the viddy:

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Remember 4th of July, 4th of July, 4th Of July, 4th Of July..

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I know its the name of promoting Love Story 2050. But babe, you should learn to switch off after WRAP UP, or you’ll go crazy or overboard. And holding that teddy does not make you adorable and what not. It’s getting irritating and you look like an overgrown baby who is deprived of her childhood life.


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We think its a good strategy for the debutant Harman Baweja. Look at Deepika Pundokone, the Om Shanti Om london premiere did wonders for her.

Harry Baweja has no plan to host a premiere of his forthcoming film featuring his son Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra in Mumbai. He is reportedly premiering the film in London instead of Mumbai. Harry’s film and Aamir Khan’s film Jane tu ya Jane Na is going to release on a same day. Rather than take on Aamir Khan and his nephew Imran’s no-holds-barred launch pad Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na headlong, the Bawejas have decided to do away with their Mumbai premiere for the magnum opus, Love Story 2050.Harry didn’t want to embarrass or inconvenience their guests by forcing them to make a choice between the two films or rushing between the two venues.
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While rumours are rife that Shahid Kapoor was originally Ashutosh Gowariker’s first choice for What’s Your Raashee? in stead of Harman Baweja, the fact remains that Kareena Kapoor was Gowariker’s only original choice. Says a source close to Kareena, “Right from the beginning, Ashutosh was very keen on casting Kareena and Harman in his next as they made a fresh pair. Harman was Ashu’s only choice for the male lead.

When Ashu approached Kareena for WYR, she felt terrible, as she was always keen on working with an acclaimed filmmaker like him. Bebo had no choice but to refuse as the dates (in November) were clashing with Karan Johar’s film with Saif and Raj Kumar Hirani’s next with Aamir and she had already committed to them. Kareena was originally paired with Harman in Love Story 2050 but had to opt out as there were date problems, so Priyanka stepped in. Yet again, Priyanka has stepped in Bebo’s shoes for What’s Your Rashee?”

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The things they are merchandising, are abit too freaky for me. Especially the bear. It looks like there willbe another teletubies horrow stories coming along..

You want to know what’s more freakier. High heel has spotted Priyanka’s same choice of colour pallets, and same pose for all Love Sotry 2050 premiers. That said, she has turned into a ROBOT, a SIZE ZERO ROBOT

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Even as the rest of the Khans keep themselves busy blowing blogs at each other, macho man Salman Khan has instead invested his time and energy in picking up a rivalry with femme fatale, Priyanka Chopra.

And, it’s not for the first time as they had famously squabbled last year which was soon followed by patch-up reports. Now the two seem to have got back on the battle track as they were once again spotted sharing cold vibes at the sets of their upcoming flick ‘God Tussi Great Ho’.

They actually spiced things up when they were called upon to re-shoot some scenes of GTGH. Though, the actors turned up on time neither of them bothered to even greet each other, something that we term as something that’s very basic. Forget about any formal conversation!

The only time the two saw eye to eye was when they were called upon to deliver their dialogues for the film that is Bollywood remake of Bruce Almighty. Cut to flashback, it had all stated when Priyanka had refused to work in Sohail Khan’s movie, ‘Main aur Mrs Khanna’, a role that was later bagged by Kareena Kapoor.Priyanka refusal, given that Sohail is Salman’s brother, did not go well with Sallu.

A birdie tells us that his ego took a beating…he was hurt. However, the pretty lass maintained that the reason for her pulling out is purely professional.

And Sallu in his true style reportedly started misbehaving with the sultry actress by passing rude comments against her on the sets of GTGH.

However, being the composed lady that she is, Priyanka did not loose her cool and stood firm in her stand, choosing to ignore Salman’s cheeky remarks all along. Getting absolutely no reaction what so ever form the angel faced diva; Sallu had no other option but to stop his tongue lashing. Interestingly, at this juncture, there were also murmurs of reconciliation between the two.

However, things gain took a nasty turn when Priyanka decided to get even and refused to appear on Salman’s ‘Dus Ka Dum’ along with good friend Harman Baweja.

And, the bodylicious babe didn’t stop at that, she added fuel to fire by agreeing to appear along Harman on SRK TV show ‘ Kay Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’.

(Image: Google)
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Oh no, there is an extended version of Milo Na Milo. How fun.

(Video: Youtube)

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It seems that the Bollywood producers and directors are conspiring against the new love-birds of the tinsel town – Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra.

The couple has been pitted against each other as the release date of their upcoming films fall on the same date. The couple fell in love during the shoot of their film ‘Love Story 2050’, which is to be released on 4th July.

But to the immense embarrassment of the duo, their upcoming films – Harman’s ‘Victory’ and Priyanka’s ‘Fashion’ have been confirmed for a 14th November release. Clearly, they are being forced to enter into a situation of face-off. Piggy Chops plays the lead actress in ‘Fashion’ while beau Harman is the protagonist in ‘Victory’.

While the release date of ‘Fashion’ were declared quite some time back, it is ‘Victory’, which has recently confirmed the dates. Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion’ is a high profile project, while debutant director Ajit Pal is directing ‘Victory’. Both the films have different themes.

‘Fashion’ takes a realistic look at the fashion industry, while ‘Victory’ revolves around a small-town boy and his subsequent rise as an international cricketer. The poor lovey-dovey souls are helpless against the villainous roles the producers and directors are playing in their love-life. Our heart felt sympathy for the love-birds!

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