We still are not sure, whether the lip lock is true. Hear what Hrithik says in the video.

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Anurag Basu wants a kiss between Hrithik and Barbara Mori in Kites, Rakesh Roshan will have none of it

Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu are locked in a big debate these days. And it all revolves around the big question should Hrithik kiss his leading lady Barbara Mori in Kites. The romantic comedy, is to go on the floors in July.

Both Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu have been having meetings in the last few days to discuss the possibility of a kiss between Hrithik and Barbara.
The kiss between Hrithik and Aishwarya was one of the highlights in Dhoom 2, and with everyone looking for a ‘big gimmick’ to sell their film, Basu can’t be blamed for wanting Hrithik to pucker up again. Papa Roshan is opposed to the idea. A source on the project says, “All of Anurag’s films are real. He doesn’t shy away from portraying intimacy on screen. Most of his films (see box) have had intimate scenes and he believes the same holds true for Kites.
Rakesh Roshan isn’t too sure if Basu’s treatment will work for Kites. He isn’t too comfortable with the prospect of his son kissing another woman in his home production. The two have been arguing over the issue.” Roshan has asked him to be more subtle. “It’s not like Rakeshji is interfering, but as far as the kiss is concerned, he’s made his stance clear.” Kites is a love story of a guy and a girl who don’t understand each other’s languages.
Barbara Mori speaks Spanish while Hrithik doesn’t. Most of the scenes in the film will rely on body language and expressions between the pair, “There’s loads of romance in the film, and the chemistry between Barbara and Hrithik is sizzling. Anurag feels like it’d be a waste if they weren’t intimate.”
It looks like Anurag may end up toeing the line and give up on the idea of a liplock.
Anurag Basu and Rakesh Roshan were unavailable for comment.
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