Can you belive the amount of exposure you get just by attending THIS WORLD PREMIERE.
Veterans and old hags like Juhi chawla, goddess Sri Devi, and others went to support the debutant , UNEXPECTED GUEST AND PARTY CRASHES ALSO WENT. Look at the segments below :

Shamita, don’t rain on our parade, we love your sister you just have to try harder. And Sohail, errr you are here becasue ??? Oh, because you would want to be the hero to stop the fight, if ever your brother would want to punch AAMIR KHAN..
Juhi Chawla, you’rs so old and cold-poor thing, trying to wrap yourself, don’t waoory take baby steps na. And Sameera Reddy, Race dosen’t make you an A LIST : )


Wow Sonam After missing out on awrad shows, and awards, and ENDORSEMENTS, you mange to put yourself together to get out of the house. WOW, we give you not a round of applause but 2 claps for effort. And vidya, really babe, GO TO SLEEP. This is not the DISCO ERA, its a red carpet. Not the carpet to roll yourself and sleep like a pig.
Rakhi Sawant is in cloud 9 when Aamir came to her talk show, so, what else. YOu need moreguest in your guest list robe in RAKHI SAWANT. And oh, Raveena Tandon WHO IS COMING BACK TO MOVIES- AND VERY PICKY OF FIlMS. SO YAH HIRE RAVEENA TANDON.

I’m choosing to ignore that Kunal kapoor is here because of Sonam Kapoor, but he is here to promote himself, he got ALOT OF ENDORESMENT ON HIS BELT BUT NO MOVIES. and oh Jiah khan just says HI, and come watch her new film with Aamir Khan : )
DARSHEEL: I love Aamir, I lOve Aamir, I Love Aamir mamu
GLITERRI GUESTS: that includes veterans, who really SUPPORT THE FILM, and COME IN FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.



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We told you, Aamir khan will be in Rakhi sawant’s Chat Show .

Bollywood hotty Rakhi Sawant has gone from being a show stopper to a show host. The item girl is going to host her own show which is rumoured to give you more than your daily dose of Bollywood gossip and interviews.

If one can recalled, the ‘Koffee With Karan’ episode which featured Rakhi as the guest was one of the most watched episodes ever. With Rakhi now in the host’s seat, the audience will definitely be looking forward to see what Rakhi has up her sleeve and how she handles the show ; In other words we just have to wait and watch who is going to do the takking this time -the host or the guests?

For starters, Rakhi will host the first episode of her show with none other than Aamir Khan as the guest. Considering that Aamir is known for keeping a low profile and keeping away from the limelight in terms of attending awards shows and and also television shows, Rakhi is lucky she could rope in the Bollywood perfectionist –Aamir Khan. She is finally getting the chance to work with the cream of Bollywood. We will just have to wait and watch for Rakhi’s show’s first episode to see what happens when you put together two of Bollywood’s controversial celebrities. But from the looks of things at a recent press meet Rakhi and Aamir definitely do set and interesting tone for a talk show.


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After wooing the Hindustaan Ki Janta and winning a reality show ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’, Rakhi has successfully managed to impress Aamir Khan too! Aamir has answered Rakhi’s prayers and will be seen as a guest on her talk show soon.

Come this weekend, Rakhi Sawant will be seen hosting a reality show on Zoom and had expressed her desire to invite Aamir as her first guest. Hellbent on getting Aamir on the show she went ahead and even wrote a letter to Aamir which read what made him so important to her? Touched by Rakhi’s gesture Aamir told her he will try to find some time out of his busy schedule and hopefully will try to make it to the show.

Designer Ashley Rebello who has designed Rakhi’s outfits for the show confirmed the news by saying, “Yes, Aamir has agreed to be on the show along with Vidya and Rakhi is extremely happy. She in fact reached Grand Hyatt at 6.30am yesterday all geared up to shoot her first episode! Vidya and Aamir were expected to join Rakhi in the evening.” On seeing Aamir, Rakhi’s first words were (in hindi), “ I really wanted you on the show because I believe you have the Midas touch. Whatever you do, whatever film you make, becomes super successful. So I wanted you as my first guest as I wanted my show to be a hit”.


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Safe to say, India does not need Hollywood or Foreign Talent Rozza. So Why the hell are you still in Bollywood. She is stealig Rakhi Sawant’s thunder. Or maybe in the first place why did Rakhi Sawant invited Roza to her party. Its so absurd.

Rozza thinks this is hollywood , that she can crash anyone’s party. GO HOME ROZZA.

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Bollywood’s celebrated item girl Rakhi Sawant loves publicity of all kinds – positive or negative. And she doesn’t mind even if it comes from her rival Kashmera Shah.

‘Whether she loves me or hates me, she has made me famous by playing my role,’ Rakhi told IANS on telephone from Mumbai.

Kashmera apparently played an item girl named Rakhi who aspires to become an actress in a big budget musical called ‘City of Dreams’ held in Mumbai last week.

But the ‘Jungle’ girl maintained that her role had no resemblance to Rakhi. Rakhi, however, asserts that it was undoubtedly a character inspired by her life.

‘Kashmera definitely played Rakhi Sawant’s role in that play. It was entirely based on me,’ said Rakhi, who has just won a reality dance contest, ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’.

‘But even if it wasn’t Kashmera, somebody else would have surely played the role,’ Rakhi added.
Asked if she would ever play a role based on Kashmera’s life, she remarked: ‘No, never! I would never play any such role.’

She added: ‘Kashmera is such a girl that you befriend her and then she would backstab you. She never talks anything positive. I associate only negativity with her.’

Rakhi’s remarks are a continuation of the war of words between the two Bollywood item girls.

Kashmera had recently said of Rakhi: ‘I love to hate her and I hate to love her.’

Ok see this tis the problem, dirty sluts shouldn’t fight with each other. I wanna see Aishwarya Rai and Mallika Sherawat get into a catfight. That would be utter pleasure. Mallike will os beat the living guts out of that fake bitch.

You don’t mess with Mallika. She will rip you out of your senses. That goes to you too Rakhi.

(Image: Google)

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We know she’s a great dancer, a controversy queen, and she’s the plastic GODDESS.

She have won the tittle for Yeh Hai Jalwa. She still hgave fans, people like her , they vote for her and now this d-lister is 25 lakh rupees richer.

Oh what a pollution..


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She came to Mumbai from Delhi to try her luck in Bollywood as an actress. But after doing more than 56 item numbers in Bhojpuri films and some hot numbers in Bollywood, Sambhavna Seth could only attain the title of sex symbol and item girl. Not content with bagging an award for her item number in a Bhojpuri film recently, she continues with her quest for meaty roles in Bollywood. On her recent visit to the city, she tells NT how she plans to make her dreams come true.

On Rakhi Sawant:
Upset over the fact that Rakhi Sawant recently snatched the dance number that she was supposed to do in Shakir Sheikh’s film Mudrank, Sambhavna says, “Two days before the song, ‘Money money touch me honey’ was to be shot, I was told that Rakhi was doing that number and I was asked to do another song in the film. That girl is selfish and insecure.” Calling Rakhi a phoney, Sambhavna continues, “She gathers publicity through cheap talks. Her going public about her silicon implants was yuck.”

On her desires:
“I wish to work with crème de la crème directors of the industry and would like to be recognised as an accomplished actress. It is all a matter of time and luck I guess,” says she and adds, “there is nothing wrong in being an item girl, but people like Rakhi have made this genre very cheap.”
1) Who are you? Sambhavna Sen? Are you a farmer?
2) Secondly bitch, whether you like it or not, Rakhi Sawant have made a name for herself in Bollywood for both good and bad reason. She has, unlike you done REAL item songs andhas worked with the creme de la creme of Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Rakesh ROshan, Farah Khan etc. BEFORE YOU.
3) Thirdly, Rakhi Sawant has made the Item Girl Numbers look cheap? Have you taken a look at yourself? Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta are doing item songs, are they cheap then?
Girl, get a life. Rakhi Sawant however insecure is IN Bollywood. Go on praying that somebody might notice you. Maybe they will since your boobs are as big as 2 heads of a grown up man.
(Image: Google, Santa Banta)
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She looks trashy and rough. It was a dissapointment during Krazzy 4. The item number did not have a flow in the story, like most bollywood item number does. Then she came and we were all excited for her item number for Krazzy 4. It was all sexual yes but not sensual. It was like rough sex, with drunk old man around her. POOR THING.


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Another Item Song

March 22, 2008

“Thanks to my Krazzy 4 song and Rakeshji, I have got another chance in Vikram Bhatt’s 1920! Thanks to God I’m doing good work and 1920 is a dark thriller with me the only colorful thing in it!!”

Called ‘Bichua’, the track has been sung by Shubha Mudgal to Adnan Sami’s music with choreography by Raju Khan. Says Vikram Bhatt on the song, “There is no one better than Rakhi when it comes to item songs…. people who have seen her dancing in modern get-ups will see her in yesteryears settings!”

Adds Rakhi, “Even my make-up is of the 1920′s era and this song will see me in a totally new avatar!!” 1920 stars newcomers Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma and is directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Soak in the moment. It will end. Oh yes, we are pessimistic like that. Butt ugly item girls are so annoying.

(Photo Courtesy of

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Rakhi In Krazzy 4

March 12, 2008

We hate to say this but she looks kinda hot. Very hot in fact. But she can’t dance to save her life.

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