June 28, 2008

Yuvraj Singh`s Bollywood fixation refuses to end. After a series of link-ups with several leading ladies from Kim Sharma to Deepika Padukone and more recently Preity Zinta, the latest to catch swashbuckling southpaw fantasy is Riya Sen.

Yuvraj was seen with his new arm candy from tinsel town in a private party in Mumbai before Yuvraj left for the Asia Cup in Pakistan. And after some cozy moments, they reportedly left the gathering and quietly slipped into Yuvraj`s car.

Yuvi was also seen with Riya`s elder sister Raima at a fashion show, earlier this year. But while that may have been a platonic relationship, coming close on the heels of his rumored break-up with Deepika Padukone, his well known liaison with Kim Sharma was never in doubt.

A prince on the field, he surely knows how to bowl maidens over off it as well.


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In days when stars go crazy promoting their movie day and night, here we have Miss Riya Sen, who has apparently demanded money from the Producers to promote her own movie ‘Hum Phir Mile Na Milein’. As the movie is about to be released the Producers approached Riya Sen, Sarwar Ahuja and Khusbhoo to be present at various promotional events.

While Sarwar and Khushboo readily accepted it was Riya who gave a tough time to the Producers. Sources say Riya demanded to be paid an amount of Rs. 3 lakhs for just making appearance at events; this is for the first time that a star in bollywood has demanded money to promote their own movie. The Producers refused as it is a tight budget movie and they have already paid Riya a huge amount for her small role. Insiders say Riya has been acting pricey off recently and the actress wants to milk out as much as she can from the one or two projects she has in her hands because you never know ‘Phir Movies Mile Na Milein’.

YOu want more money, DO A SEX TAPE RIYA. We know you have one.
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Raima and Riya Sen are coming together…and as sisters…in Vicky Chopra’s Seasons Greetings. The episodic film directed by Vicky Chopra will apparently have six stories all coming together in unexpected ways.

The two sisters are not too willing to discuss the project.Raima shooting in Italy says, “Yes, Riya and I are finally coming together as sisters. But I’m yet to hear the script, though I’ve given the nod. Though she’s quite mad we’re very much alike in most respects.” Riya speaking about the project earlier has said, “Raima and I stay together in Mumbai. There is not a thing that we don’t share. All our friends are common. If she likes someone, so do I. And if I dislike someone, she doesn’t have a choice.

Our friends say we should’ve been twins.” The sisters had offers earlier to act together. “But we were pretty sure that if and when we come together, it would have to be as sisters,” said Riya. Interestingly, when Shilpa and her sis Shamita came together, it was to play soutens in Deepak Tijori’s Fareb.


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Sexy Bong beauty Riya Sen has been chosen as the brand ambassador of IPL website owing to which she is supposed to attend at least five IPL matches, interact with cricketers and then post her views about the game and players on the website.

If that was not enough, Riya was spotted sporting another sport in Turkey to cheer Vijay Mallya’s Force India Formula One team in Turkish Grand Prix. Being Mallya’s guest she accompanied him during the qualifying round and also the main race. If the array of lovely ladies from Kingfisher Speed Divas was not enough, Riya too joined Mallya as he walked the pitlane. Unfortunately Mallya’s Formula One driver Adrian Sutil came at the eighteenth spot.

Later, Riya went to a nightclub with Adrian and partied till the wee hours of the morning last Sunday. Not to mention the onlookers at Mallya’s yatch too were more than just happy to have this sexy nubile thing among them.


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Riya Sen, erm, yeah, many do not know her due to her C-list territory in Bollywood, but hell, RIya Sen claims that her maid of 25 years knows all her secrets more than anybody else in the world, even her own mother.

One advice missy, just do not lose your temper and throw handphones at her or she will spill the secret that you are actually born with a dick. Wait, that is not a secret, we know you are a tranny. But not as obvious as some Kapoor bitch.

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