All decked in Batman gear from the shirt to the belt buckle.

The irony of it all is daddy is Iron Man.

(Image: Im Not Obsessed)

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Summer is still in the midst right now. And three of the summer blockbusters have already been released but there is helluva more. Here is the ten summer movies that fans alike are anticipating to watch!

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Life is fantastic for Mr. Robert Downey Jr. His movie Iron Man is soaring sky-high at the box office and now there’s talk that he might be starring in a movie being made about Hugh Hefner’s life.

The movie’s working title is Playboy and shooting could start as soon as next summer, depending on the shooting schedule for the Iron Man sequel already in the works.

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May 16, 2008

That bag is hideous. Flaming queen in the closet. Our favourite Iron Man is seen outside carrying THAT bag in THAT over the arms pose.

(Image: Socialite’s Life)

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