May 7, 2008

Brazilian footballer Ronaldo, who plays for the Italian club AC Milan and has recently been caught up in controversy surrounding three transvestite prostitutes who allegedly tried to extort money from him, wants to make it clear that he’s not gay.

Ronaldo told Brazilian TV: “My contract with Milan ends in June, after that, I am able to talk with whoever I want regarding my future. I already have a plan more or less laid out, and that is my dream to move to Flamengo, I know that the doors there will always be open for me. As for what happened, I did not have any sexual dealings with those people, I must stress that I am not gay. When I told my girlfriend, she started to shout, scream and swear at me, I think she’ll find it hard to forgive me.”

We believe you.
(Image: Towlerload)
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Brazilian footballer Ronaldo was questioned by the fuzz after an argument with three tranny hookers he met in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday night. The AC Milan star met three call girls at a nightclub. He told police he knew they were hookers, but didn’t know they were dudes. He took the three trannies to a motel where he discovered the truth. He offered them around $600 each to leave. Two of the trannies accepted, but the other tranny, Andre Luis Ribeiro Albertino (above), demanded $30,000 or else.

Andre, who likes to be called Andrea, claims Ronaldo took drugs. She also has a receipt from Ronaldo’s purchase of the three hos. For the record, prostitution is illegal in Brazil. Andrea posted a shitty video on YouTube featuring Ronaldo. She also posed with his car documents in the picture above.

The Sun reports that Ronaldo went to the cops after Andrea blackmailed his ass. Ronaldo denies Andrea’s claim that he took drugs. The police chief said, “Ronaldo’s testimony is more reliable. From zero to 10, I give his testimony a nine. He was very excited and wanted to go out and have fun, without the press knowing. Ronaldo said he is not good in the head and that he is going through psychological problems because of his recent surgery. But he committed no crime at all, it was immoral at best.”

Here is the trannilicious video. If you can understand spanish, good for you.

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