Saif Ali Khan is pretty well-placed in life now. He just spent quality time with his two kids, his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor has flown down to London to be by his side and his first film as a producer is shaping up steadily.But Saif grumbles that his happiness is marred by people who insist on talking about his private life. And, for once, he isn’t referring to the media. He’s talking about his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano.Recently, Rozza talked about how Saif had cheated on her. Saif retaliates, “People are feeding off me by selling sob stories.

I wish people would stop making a living by talking about me constantly. I’ve never spoken about them. Why are they ceaselessly speaking about me?” Saif says, obviously referring to his ex-girlfriend Rozza Catalano’s outburst against him.Prod him about Rozza’s salvo about Saif having hidden his children from her when they first met, and Saif is quick to retort, “I’ve never hidden anything from anyone. I’ve never even lied about anything.
My children are, by far, my proudest accomplishment. Why would I hide them?”Meanwhile, Saif is growing increasingly comfortable in current girlfriend Kareena’s space, making an effort to be friendly with all the people who matter to her.What’s more Kareena has joined him in London. Says Saif, “She’s for all practical purposes our hostess here. She’s fully in charge of the social commitments. She supervises the menu for dinners, makes sure everyone is well looked after.This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to observe this hospitable nurturing side of her personality. I’ve never felt happier in my life.”
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Safe to say, India does not need Hollywood or Foreign Talent Rozza. So Why the hell are you still in Bollywood. She is stealig Rakhi Sawant’s thunder. Or maybe in the first place why did Rakhi Sawant invited Roza to her party. Its so absurd.

Rozza thinks this is hollywood , that she can crash anyone’s party. GO HOME ROZZA.

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In an exclusive interview with Showtime magazine (which hits the stands today), Rosa Catalano, Saif Ali Khan’s ex-girlfriend makes some shocking disclosures about her relationship and break-up.
Until now, Rosa has kept her silence. But in the interview, Rosa gives a heartbreaking account of her relationship that went sour.
According to Rosa, it was a chance meeting that started it all. “We met on a show when he was in Kenya and love just happened to us.” She then drops a shocking revelation. She claims that when they met, Saif hadn’t told her that he was a married man.
“Well, slowly, I got to know many things. I had no idea he was married when I met him. And when I came to India, he was living somewhere else and was divorced. It was strange to know that he was married with kids but the children are amazing. God bless them.”
After living together for quite some time, the relationship fell apart. And Rosa is still wondering what went wrong. “I still don’t know. It was a kind of a mutual break-up but I honestly still don’t know. It’s not that difficult to deal with it now because I am happy and he looks happy too.” She later adds, “I got burnt. It is a wound, which has still not healed.”

But she still hasn’t got over the pain. “I went back to Switzerland because when we decided to part ways, it wasn’t easy for me at all. In fact, I am still carrying it with me. They were the three important years of my life and there were two children I loved madly.”
There’s also a tinge of regret when she says, “I asked myself what, why and how things happened. But a person grows and realises things even though they are shocking. Plus, you don’t know what other people are thinking or doing. Just one person can’t do that because the effort has to be from both the sides. It takes two people to actually make something work.
Otherwise it’s like being on the same boat where one person wants to go right and the other person wants to go left.”Ask her if Kareena’s entry was the cause of the split and she says, “Not that I know of, but I don’t think that was the reason. We parted ways much before that,” she tells the magazine.

Even though Saif has now moved on, Rosa still misses Saif’s kids, with whom she had forged a close bond. “Since the time Saif and I have not been together, I have dreamt about the kids most of the nights. I had a really good time with them. I don’t even get to see them now even though we are in Mumbai and that’s very strange but I am in touch with Sara (Saif’s daughter) on SMS once in a while.”
She also denies the allegation that Saif is paying her alimony. “Saif is not supporting me financially,” she says. “The one reason why I kept staying in India was because I used to work as and when projects used to come so that I was able to pay my bills and pay my rent. And no one ever, I repeat, no one ever has paid my bills in India.”

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Here’s The video, of Roza’s new song item, choroegraphed by Saroj Khan
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Break Ups DO YOU GOOD.

March 11, 2008

Roza, is seen here with Saif look-alike, doing her item number for this z-lister movie, which we’re not quite sure what is its tittle, or whose in it. SO hence, that explains the Z-Lister word.

But, look at you Roza, you’re an italian model and you’re everywhere in bollywood now, and not hollywood. THUMBS UP!!

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