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After the success of taara zameen par, Amole doesn’t wwant to look back. Painter, activist, social worker, actor and filmaker Amole Gupte is all set to direct his second feature film. Amole continues filmig a world he empathises with passionately.

“Children,” exults the creative director of Taare Zameen Par, one of the most important films of our times, “Children will be part of all my creative endeavours. I work with Aseema and other organisations. My aim is to work with them.”Amole’s next film is called India Item.
“I’m just about wrapping up the script that has 40 children in the cast. Like Taare Zameen Par, India Item will be a playground for my creativity. A part of the script is about rollerskating. When I saw Sammir Dattani in Mukhbiir I immediately wanted to cast him in one of the film’s adult roles of a rollerskater. To my surprise he turned out to be a national-level skating champion.” Sammir plays the protagonist’s younger brother.

Says Amole, “For the pivotal role I want Salman Khan. There’s no second choice. I see myself as a soldier battling against injustice to children. That’s what Salman plays in India Item. It’s the role of what I’d call an uncalculated social worker. I’ve seen that look of spontaneous compassion in Salman’ s eyes. I’ve seen his innocence and purity in dealing with kids. He isn’t in it for fame or vanity.”Strangely, Amole hasn’t even sent feelers to Salman yet. “I don’t need to. I know he won’t say no. I wanted to finish the script then go to him. Now I’m ready.”

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The IPL jamboree and hoopla over, Preity Zinta took off for a quiet week-long holiday at a place where there was no noise, bustle and cellphones.”

The worst thing is I wasn’t even allowed to talk. Can you imagine, me not talking?”

Preity can’t stop chuckling.Rejuvenated she’s raring to get back to films.”

I didn’t realize how much I had been put behind. I’ve so much pending work. Four films are at different stages of completion. I’ve to immediately start dubbing for Harr Pal and Heroes. Then I leave for the world tour with the Bachchans.”

In Heroes she stars with one of her favourite co-stars Salman Khan for whom she has agreed to do an item song in the Salman-Kareena starrer Main Aur Mrs Khanna.Preity corrects me. “

It’s Salman’s home production. And he is a buddy. But it’s not an item song, really. It’s an interesting cameo. And I’ve agreed to be in the film because the director Prem Soni is a dear friend. And since Salman has played Prem so often, let’s just say this one is for Prem.”

After shooting and editing the Punjabi film Heaven On Earth Deepa Mehta says Preity is the best actress she has ever worked with.

Preity bursts into delighted chuckles. “

I love Deepa for that. When she signed me for the film she told me she wanted the actress, not the star. That sounded so corny. But when I reached Toronto to shoot Heaven On Earth I knew exactly what she meant. I’m dying to see the complete film.

I don’t think so. Deepa Mehta has worked with Tabu darling. You are not better than Tabu. Not in a million years.

Deepa Mehta probably told her that she is the best bullshitter she has worked with.

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Salman Khan, who is now the host of the reality game show ‘Dus Ka Dum’, feels that the show has helped him to understand people and he believes that the best books of knowledge are human beings.

”Dus Ka Dum’ has given me a platform to increase my understanding of people and appreciation of life,’ Salman wrote in his blog.

He finds it a little difficult to understand people but his senses help him in the process. He wrote: ‘Though these human books are a little difficult to read, the heart and eyes alone help to read them.’

The contestants, who come on his game show, seem to be the reason behind the actor’s new found ‘understanding’ of people.

‘What has really surprised me is that my contestants do not hesitate in revealing their personal things in front of the camera,’ Salman said.

‘Personal fears and dreams are on display with gay abandon,’ he added.

The actor thinks that the sets of his show have in a way become a place where people come and confess. ‘In certain respects our set becomes a confession room and I am enjoying the role of a confidante,’ he stated.

He explains how he is no saint and that personal feelings do come in during these so-called confessions.

He said: ‘If we extend this metaphor further, the confidante here is no saint and personal feelings are no crime.’

Extend what metaphor? He is speaking in metaphors it is nauseating. Just go back to slapping girls can?
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You know they can’t stand one another. One can’t stop talking, one can’t stop err loosing weight. Either way THEY WERE FORCED TO DO AN ITEM NUMBER TOGETHER, for sallu, Salman Khan. Of course, naturally if the hulk ask you to do something whther you like it or not you have to do it.

So, Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor will soon be seen dancing together in Kareena-Salman’s latest flick, ‘Main Aur Mrs. Khanna.’ Preity’s appearance will only be one song short with Salman Khan joining her and Bebo on the dance floor. This will be the first time the dou will be seen matching their steps. Sources also say that Preity agreed doing this dance number as this wasn’t one of those typical item numbers.

During Koffe With Karan, when Priety commented on Kareena Kapoor :

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Its common knowledge that the trade and distributors alike are extremely excited about Vipul Shah’s SINGH IS KINNG and the film has fetched record prices in almost all the major territories. The reasons are obvious. This is Vipul’s fourth film after a hat trick of successes namely, AANKHEN, WAQT- RACE AGAINST TIME and NAMASTEY LONDON.

The film is being directed by Anees Baazmee, who has given super-hit movies like NO ENTRY and WELCOME. And to top it all, it once again has Akshay Kumar, who has been the lucky mascot in all of Vipul’s films.

However, apart from the trade and distributors there is one person (who is not even remotely connected with the movie) who has shown supreme confidence in the project, even before a single shot of the film had been canned.

Can you guess who? Surprise, surprise, it is Salman Khan. Yes, it was Salman who had told Katrina to sign SINGH IS KINNG, as he was positive that the film would turn out to be a hit. This fact was recently revealed by none other than Katrina Kaif herself in her latest interview.


This turtle is a sneaky one. He tells people to do one thing and then slaps them for doing it.

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After Shahrukh and Salman it is the Sen-sational Sush, who will make her TV debut in a new reality show on channel ‘Colors’. Sushmita will be co-judging the show with Pakistani ex-cricketer, the very handsome Wasim Akram; the show will be produced by UTV.

The dance reality show is a unique one as it will have six couples – six actresses with six cricketers.Sush is currently busy with her home production ‘Rani Laxmibai’ and sources say that she was a little low on cash to fund her big budget movie and hence, she decided to take the TV route.

Earlier, Shahrukh had agreed to do ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ as he apparently wanted to pump more finance into his home production ‘Om Shanti Om’, and looks like Sush sure has taken a tip from SRK this time.

Sushmita will start shooting next month as the show is expected to go on air around mid-July, ‘Colors’ channel plans to have Akshay’s show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and Sush’s show back to back to keep audiences glued to the tube.

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Even as the rest of the Khans keep themselves busy blowing blogs at each other, macho man Salman Khan has instead invested his time and energy in picking up a rivalry with femme fatale, Priyanka Chopra.

And, it’s not for the first time as they had famously squabbled last year which was soon followed by patch-up reports. Now the two seem to have got back on the battle track as they were once again spotted sharing cold vibes at the sets of their upcoming flick ‘God Tussi Great Ho’.

They actually spiced things up when they were called upon to re-shoot some scenes of GTGH. Though, the actors turned up on time neither of them bothered to even greet each other, something that we term as something that’s very basic. Forget about any formal conversation!

The only time the two saw eye to eye was when they were called upon to deliver their dialogues for the film that is Bollywood remake of Bruce Almighty. Cut to flashback, it had all stated when Priyanka had refused to work in Sohail Khan’s movie, ‘Main aur Mrs Khanna’, a role that was later bagged by Kareena Kapoor.Priyanka refusal, given that Sohail is Salman’s brother, did not go well with Sallu.

A birdie tells us that his ego took a beating…he was hurt. However, the pretty lass maintained that the reason for her pulling out is purely professional.

And Sallu in his true style reportedly started misbehaving with the sultry actress by passing rude comments against her on the sets of GTGH.

However, being the composed lady that she is, Priyanka did not loose her cool and stood firm in her stand, choosing to ignore Salman’s cheeky remarks all along. Getting absolutely no reaction what so ever form the angel faced diva; Sallu had no other option but to stop his tongue lashing. Interestingly, at this juncture, there were also murmurs of reconciliation between the two.

However, things gain took a nasty turn when Priyanka decided to get even and refused to appear on Salman’s ‘Dus Ka Dum’ along with good friend Harman Baweja.

And, the bodylicious babe didn’t stop at that, she added fuel to fire by agreeing to appear along Harman on SRK TV show ‘ Kay Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain’.

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While on MISSION ISTAANBUL, its lead actor Vivek Oberoi has turned a new leaf. “I made a lot of mistakes, I rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, I got carried away. I went through hell, personally and professionally. The media turned its back on me. Some of the projects I was associated with, evaporated into thin air. Everything I did, backfired,” Vivek reminisces as we get into the flashback mode. “But,” he continues in the same breath, “I realized that the problem was with me, not anyone else.

If almost everyone was talking ill of me, if almost everyone had trained their guns on me, it only went to prove that I was at fault, it only meant that I need to mend ways. As you sow so shall you reap.” Vivek also admits that the Salman Khan episode — calling the entire media to his house to malign Salman — is something he repents.

“I used a public platform to malign him. When I felt I must apologize, I did so publicly, not discreetly,” he admits honestly. Quiz Vivek whether he’d work with Salman, Abhishek or Ash, pat comes the reply, “Of course, I would. I am a professional and so are they.”

If you missed the public display apology, watch the video here :


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Salman slaps Katrina’ have madeeadlines on many tabloids in India, so for once Kat decided to put her foot down and defend her integrity.

Katrina launched the Filmfare June edition and the actress graces the cover which reads loud ‘I will never tolerate abuse’ sensational outburst. Kat looked gorgeous in a white top and she shared her views on what made her do the cover, the actress kept patience and answered a zillion questions.
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