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It turns out that legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is not feeling the Sex and the City movie.

Westwood, at 67 years-old, created a dress that was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in the movie, Carrie. She was also name-checked in the film.

But that hasn’t stopped Vivi from stating that she was far from impressed with the work done by stylist Patricia Field for the movie.

Westwood says, “I thought Sex and the City was supposed to be about cutting-edge fashion and there was nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what I saw. I went to the premiere and left after 10 minutes.”

In fact, she called it “quite dull.”

Maybe because the dress is being worn by Horsey. Anything can go wrong darling if you let horses wear a bridal gown.

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Sex and the City was a groundbreaking show that ushered in a new era of female empowerment. The characters and he stars who played them are feminist heroes, who prove that a woman’s merit should not be based on her looks alone.

The irony of it all is that Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis went for a minor suregry to enhance their looks, in all empowerment. Haha.

Page Six reports:

Maybe seeing themselves on the big screen was too much to take for “Sex and the City” stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Apparently, soon after the movie’s release, they both paid a visit to Roosevelt Hospital on 10th Avenue for minor surgeries. “Cynthia had a breast augmentation and soon after, Kristin had the varicose veins on her legs removed,” said an insider. “They both made sure they did it on the quietest day of the week.” It could explain why Davis always wears long hems. Nixon, whose rep denied the surgery, could have been disappointed with her topless scene. Davis’ rep had no comment.”

Oh well, whatever it takes.

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Sex and the City has been doing phenomenally well at the box office, earning the title of top-opening romantic comedy of all-time. And now the ladies of Sex — Sarah Jessica Parker,Cynthia Nixon,Kim Catrall and Kristin Davis — each have their own covers for the July 2008 issue of Marie Claire out June 10th.
The girls share the gossip, glamour, and truth about the SATC cultural phenomenon.To read more quotes from the article, visit MarieClaire.com.
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You have to either choose a coke head and a horse face.

See? Not as easy as it seems now is it?

The dress belongs to Katie Holmes by the way. It is vey spaceship-sy and alien-y we are sure Tom Cruise gets turned on in a robotic kind of way when he sees Katie wears that.

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A sequel to Sex & The City is already being planned!

The film was the biggest debut by an R-rated, female-centric movie ever.
It took in $55.7 million in the U.S. this
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Everybody was there. Even those that are not in the movie and those that we do not know of. Freeloaders.
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Would you rather have a HORSE FACE on your magazien cover. or an actress with a SEX TAPE.
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May 22, 2008

Wait a minute. Is Britney considered to hve one of the best beach bodies???

Nevermind aout that famewhoring cunt Phoebe, Brad yeah, he has always been consistently good now isn’t he? Jennifer Aniston should be on any cover. Sarah Jessica Parker looks creepy with her alien like body. Must be the reason why she is always wearing hideous clothes; to cover her equally hideous body.

But Britney, how is that body considered a best beach body??? She looked like she guzzled an entire crate of beers and 50 packets of cheetos in a span of two minutes.

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Do not watch it if you are a die hard fan.

Or if you cannot stand old hags acting like the girls from The Hills.

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