If everybody starts listening to our ancestors then such mistakes wont repet.

This is what our forefathers have to say,“drink in limit.”

Vidya Balan gets drunk and insults fellow guests. It has been reported in the Indian media that popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan made a mockery of herself at a party in London last week. The actress is rumored to have got drunk and then insulted fellow party goers.

One has to keep in mind that Vidya is not usually like this and, because of the excessive drinking, could have lost her senses. Come on

As we said, this story is possibly not true but if it was, then this has definitely made our day. Seeing Vidya Balan drunk would probably be like watching a monkey trying to dance Dola re Dola. No wait. Aishwarya did that already.

(Image: Pink Villa)

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We don’t care of that metrosexual look, or biker look. BREAK-UP DO YOUR BODY GOOD!!!
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During the Kismet Konnection Music Launch

Shahid is looking too cute and sexy that make hard kaur cleavage stand out and…

VIdya Balans innerwear sprung up, and (maybe we’re being too mean) but this reminds us of RIta Repulsa, the villan of Power Rangers when she has that Thorn thingy as her boobies.

Anyway, enough of balan. Watch the song promos and trailer here:
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Raj Santoshi is a very happy man.

Belying all rumours of a fall-out with Ajay Devgan Raj Santoshi is all set to make another film with his favourite actor.”

We’re just about to zero- in on the subject. It’s a contemporary film, not the two period films on Emperor Ashok and the Ramayan that we were planning to do together. Those are on hold right now.

For now Ajay and I getting ready for another film, though I’ll definitely make Ramayan and Ashok with him. But we haven’t fallen out just because a couple of our films together haven’t clicked. That’s not how we work.”

For now Raj is on another trip. “I’m finally starting Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani with Ranbir and Katrina from tomorrow (Wednesday). It’s my first love story, though people seem to think it’s an intense love story. Which it is not. It has lots of very light very humorous moments. I haven’t worked with Ranbir and Katrina before. So I’m really looking forward to that.”

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is to be shot in Mumbai (from tom) then Goa and finally Italy.”A lot of elements in Ranbir’s character will remind people of his grandfather Raj Kapoor. I’ve worked with Ranbir’s father in Damini. When I saw the boy in Saawariya I wanted to work with him immediately. Katrina and I were supposed to do a film that had Shahid in it. That didn’t work out. This is a totally different subject.”

Ask the director about Ranbir’s reported remuneration of Rs 7 crores, and Raj shrugs. “That’s between Ranbir and the producers Tips.”

Oh one more thing. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani also stars Upen Patel.”

It’s a pivotal role. Upen expressed a desire to work with me. We met up. When I narrated the subject he fell in love with it. I’m working with an entirely new team including music composer Pritam.

(Image: Santa Banta)
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Seriously, we thought this was just another passing by rumour, but no. THIS VIDEO YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH SHOWS HOW VIDYA BALAN WAS BADLY STRUGGLING….

AND OH, so that we are on the fair side, watch this video of shahid kapoor dancing like there is no tomorrow, and no more kareena kapoor in the tittle track for Kismet Konnection.

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She is a traditional dancer but when it comes to western dance Vidya has two left feet. While shooting a promotional video for the forthcoming movie Kismat Konnection in Film City Vidya had a tough time learning the steps, choreographer Ahmed Khan was irked but Shahid asked him to keep his cool.

Vidya looked gorgeous (they say, not us) in black leggings and a revealing top, but the actress simple couldn’t match steps with her co-star Shahid. Shabina Khan designed Shahid’s look in the song and he looked hot in a pair of grey pants and a stain shirt, the blue tie was very striking, he completely looked.

Vidya and Shahid share a great chemistry (they say, not us) and the couple made it a point to stay away from each other on the sets as the media was present, but sure could feel the ‘Konnection’.

Yeah right. She dances horribly. Look at her dance at any live award shows. Pussy can’t dance sala!!!

(Image: Bollywood Blog)

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Honestly, we can’t wait for Shahid Kapur and not Vidya balan. We love Shahid, and we wish that he could at least excel in what he do. It takes time Shahid.
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Was Shahid Kapur the first choice for Ashutosh Gowariker’s new project WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE?, before he finally zeroed in on Harman Baweja? According to a news-report, Gowariker persistently called Shahid, but the actor wasn’t keen on doing this film. “That’s completely untrue,” Gowariker informs me, “Shahid was never approached in the first place.

“Was Harman the first choice then? “Call it a coincidence, the launch of LOVE STORY 2050 promos coincided with the casting of my movie. I was on the lookout for a fresh face for the film and when I watched the song-promo of LOVE STORY 2050, I requested Harry Baweja to screen a few scenes for me. In fact, Harman was the first actor I approached for the role in question. He’s ideal for this role,” the talented film-maker sets the record straight.


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