Saif tells Soha, no more sex shoots for you.

All was not well between siblings Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan, after big brother heard of little sister’s sexy photo-shoot for Maxim.

The usual sweet little Soha showed every inch of her anatomy for a cover shoot that sold issues like never before. However, brother Saif was not aware that she had done this and when he found out… was furious! He refused to talk with little Soha and threatened never to set eyes on her ever again.

However, after intervention from their mother, the two had a long chat. During which Soha admitted that the shoot was not her idea and she was forced to do it. She also promised to take big brother Saif’s advice from hereafter on all issues concerning her career in Bollywood. In return, Saif has offered to pay for a film which Soha will headline… and hopefully make her career. Saif already has a script in mind and is now looking for a decent director that would not make use of Soha’s modesty.

Saif says, “I was a bit concerned about a certain shot that Soha did. I felt it wasn’t right for her image. I wondered if she actually wanted to do this. She told me she didn’t want to and I was relieved. I trust her judgment. And I stand by her.”

The discussion is about Saif and his double standards when it comes to showing skin for the amusement of the male audience. Every man and his dog are aware of Saif’s relationship with fellow Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor. It is this very Kareena that has gone all out guns to show her newly found figure in recently released Tashan, a film in which Saif also stars.

Some reports even mentioned that it was Saif’s idea for Kareena to wear a bikini for a particular beach shot.

Love makes you become crazy. Just like how Mickey voiced is becoming.

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At some tea event.

Soha has a case of the bloated face.

Mummy Sharmila is way hotter.

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