Sienna Miller is busy playing homewrecker since dumping actor Rhys Ifans for ex-boyfriend Matthew Rhys — she’s now porking Balthazar Getty, a multi-millionaire oil heir with a family of four. According to The Mirror.

Balthazar is married with four children. His furious wife is speaking to divorce lawyers. It is not yet known if Sienna will be named in any court papers. Balthazar secretly flew to London and Prague to be with her. She has spent last week in a Hollywood house with him. The pair have been holed up day and night with each other.

“This behaviour is typical Sienna. She loves the power of being able to take a man off another woman,” says a friend of Matthew’s.

What do you call a slut who wrecks homes and marriages. A SLUTTY HOMEWRECKER.

(Image: Google)

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