Everybody was there from aliens, to barmaids, to Michael Jackson wannabes, to serial killers look alike, to Alice In WOnderland, to glam starlets, skinny models and fat models turned skinny and everything else in betwenn.

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It was Solange’s birthday party and Samantha Ronson, elder sis Beyonce, haggard mum Tina and Samatha’s bitch Lindsay was there.

The party seems low key. I mean hello, if i was Beyonce, it would be a themed party with a fountain spewing champagne and a nice lush hotel with good lighting and amazing kick ass DJs.

For Solange, the uglier of the Knowles, you get a thrash themed party with a fountain spewing Ribena held in their house basement and you get DJs like Samantha Ronson who kicks ass and licks pussy.


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We know you’re sisters and all that, but seriously take lessons from the simpsons sisters. One of them sings as if her lungs are full of bubbles, and the other one sings like she has throat infection. And they sound DIFFERENT……

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Solange visited the UsWeekly offices today and kept her lips shut on Beyonce’s wedding o Jay-Z. They tried to ask her things about the wedding, but she wasn’t saying shit!

Solange Knowles visited the New York offices of Us Weekly Wednesday but played coy when asked about the recent big event in her life: sister BeyoncĂ©’s wedding.

Does BeyoncĂ© like being married? “I have no idea!” she responded.
When complimented about the skirt she wore to the wedding, she only replied, “It was a cute dress.”

as it a fun night? “What night are you talking about?” she replied. “Friday? Hmm. Friday. I really don’t [know].”

Wy the hell was Solange at the offices of a celebrity magazine if she wasn’t going to talk about Beyonce’s wedding ??

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