Well, Hrithik Roshan is a father again and finally, the name of his new baby boy is released. The poor kid has been saddled with the name Hridhaan. I never even knew the name existed but apparently all of Hrithik’s kids will have the name beginning with ‘Hr’.

Here is Suzanne Roshan with her new baby and her father reports, Suzanne picks a name and Hrithik picks a name and then they compromise. So for Hrehaan, Suzanne picked “Rehaan” while Hrithik yelled “Hrithik Jr.!”. This time, Suzanne picked “Ridwaan” and Hrithik again yells out “Hrithik Jr.!” so we end up with Hridhaan.

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May 2, 2008

Hrithik, Suzanne have a baby boy.

Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan had a baby boy at around 11.30am this morning at Lilavati Hospital. This is the couple’s second child. The entire family was by the expectant mother’s side as she delivered her second son.

“She has delivered a healthy baby boy. He was born at 11.30am. Both the baby and the mother are well and healthy. The entire family is by her side. Everyone is very happy,” confirmed the actor’s publicist.

Suzanne’s father Sanjay Khan who was at Lilavati by his daughter’s side was ecstatic as he told us about the new addition to his family. “We are all so happy. My tribe has just got another addition. It’s a great great feeling. We want to thank everyone for their love and blessings to my children,” said Khan.

Speaking about the celebrations in store granpa Sanjay says, “We are very simple family and so we will do what anyone else does when a baby comes into their home. We will deliver laddoos and mithai… and thank the lord for being so nice to us!”

Just last evening Sanjay Khan had predicted to us that his daughter would deliver very soon and that like the first time around this time too she would give him a grandson!

The couple already have a two year old son Hrehaan who like his younger brother was also born at Lilavati Hospital in March 2006.

Congratulations!!!! Suzanne is a lucky bitch. She gets to sleep with Hrithik every single night.

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April 21, 2008

Suzanne’s Roshan Own Jewellery Designs, and she advertise them as well. HOnestly, it does not look flattering on her, i mean she’s going for that Jodhaa Look, Her face is as flawless, that’s why they had to make a contrast colour between the jeweleery and Suzzane’s face.

But the only man Who LOVES THIS AD is none other than her husband Hrithink Roshan.Here he is dancing and making us having fucking orgasms again……


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Sweet Masala

March 15, 2008

Extracted from filmicafe.

Here’s some rather cool ‘foot’age of Hrithik Roshan playing the devoted husband while travelling with wife Susanne in their Merc.

For Susanne it could well be a stretch limousine.Since she’s pregnant, Hrithik has given her all the space she needs, and more, by sitting in the front seat.

If she needs more space, she can stretch her aching legs on his arm.We found the scene so sweet, we thought we must share it. And let’s hope all husbands find a lesson in it.

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January 30, 2008


Hrithik has a son Hrehaan and this time he is hoping his wife delivers a baby girl; Suzzane is due this May.

We Malays believe that if the baby is a boy, he will definitely look like the mother. Hence if the baby is a girl, it will resemble the father. And for Hrithik to have a daughter, SHE will be SO FINE.

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