Another film, another flop. Pretty faces don’t neccessarily mean box office hits. Ok I take that back. Horse-face Alba is nowhere near pretty. She looks orange and she has this perpetual look of confusion on her face everywhere she goes. The reason being because all the time she is thinking inside her little poop head “Man, I am really an actress? I can really act? I thought I barely acted in Dark Angel and now this? And I have a baby now. Oh god, whose is it? I am so confused? And why are my movies not doing well?”
They are not doing well because you need to learn some manners and some acting. The only hits that she had so far in her acting career was Sin City and Fantastic Four. And it was an ensemble of stars. Bitch can’t act on her own. And her latest film, The Eye is projected to draw only 12 to 15 million opening in 2436 theatres in the US. Dat is pretty low man. Her next movie will be going straight to DVD. That is her promise to you all her fans. We doubt she has any.
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