Can you belive the amount of exposure you get just by attending THIS WORLD PREMIERE.
Veterans and old hags like Juhi chawla, goddess Sri Devi, and others went to support the debutant , UNEXPECTED GUEST AND PARTY CRASHES ALSO WENT. Look at the segments below :

Shamita, don’t rain on our parade, we love your sister you just have to try harder. And Sohail, errr you are here becasue ??? Oh, because you would want to be the hero to stop the fight, if ever your brother would want to punch AAMIR KHAN..
Juhi Chawla, you’rs so old and cold-poor thing, trying to wrap yourself, don’t waoory take baby steps na. And Sameera Reddy, Race dosen’t make you an A LIST : )


Wow Sonam After missing out on awrad shows, and awards, and ENDORSEMENTS, you mange to put yourself together to get out of the house. WOW, we give you not a round of applause but 2 claps for effort. And vidya, really babe, GO TO SLEEP. This is not the DISCO ERA, its a red carpet. Not the carpet to roll yourself and sleep like a pig.
Rakhi Sawant is in cloud 9 when Aamir came to her talk show, so, what else. YOu need moreguest in your guest list robe in RAKHI SAWANT. And oh, Raveena Tandon WHO IS COMING BACK TO MOVIES- AND VERY PICKY OF FIlMS. SO YAH HIRE RAVEENA TANDON.

I’m choosing to ignore that Kunal kapoor is here because of Sonam Kapoor, but he is here to promote himself, he got ALOT OF ENDORESMENT ON HIS BELT BUT NO MOVIES. and oh Jiah khan just says HI, and come watch her new film with Aamir Khan : )
DARSHEEL: I love Aamir, I lOve Aamir, I Love Aamir mamu
GLITERRI GUESTS: that includes veterans, who really SUPPORT THE FILM, and COME IN FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.



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After wooing the Hindustaan Ki Janta and winning a reality show ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’, Rakhi has successfully managed to impress Aamir Khan too! Aamir has answered Rakhi’s prayers and will be seen as a guest on her talk show soon.

Come this weekend, Rakhi Sawant will be seen hosting a reality show on Zoom and had expressed her desire to invite Aamir as her first guest. Hellbent on getting Aamir on the show she went ahead and even wrote a letter to Aamir which read what made him so important to her? Touched by Rakhi’s gesture Aamir told her he will try to find some time out of his busy schedule and hopefully will try to make it to the show.

Designer Ashley Rebello who has designed Rakhi’s outfits for the show confirmed the news by saying, “Yes, Aamir has agreed to be on the show along with Vidya and Rakhi is extremely happy. She in fact reached Grand Hyatt at 6.30am yesterday all geared up to shoot her first episode! Vidya and Aamir were expected to join Rakhi in the evening.” On seeing Aamir, Rakhi’s first words were (in hindi), “ I really wanted you on the show because I believe you have the Midas touch. Whatever you do, whatever film you make, becomes super successful. So I wanted you as my first guest as I wanted my show to be a hit”.


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Every filmmaker desires to work with superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Recently, Madhur Bhandarkar expressed his willingness to direct Big B and now it’s the turn of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. He had once directed him in Black and again wishes to cast him in his forthcoming film Chenab Ghandhi.

Talking about his venture with Bhansali, Big B says, “It will be inappropriate to talk about the project as we are just discussing its script. But, yes I was approached to do the film and it will be directed by his assistant, while Bhansali will produce it.” It’s titled Chenab Gandhi. At present, he is busy shooting for Alladin and yet to give his dates to Bhansali.The film will also star the next door gal Vidya Balan and debutante Harman Baweja


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If everybody starts listening to our ancestors then such mistakes wont repet.

This is what our forefathers have to say,“drink in limit.”

Vidya Balan gets drunk and insults fellow guests. It has been reported in the Indian media that popular Bollywood actress Vidya Balan made a mockery of herself at a party in London last week. The actress is rumored to have got drunk and then insulted fellow party goers.

One has to keep in mind that Vidya is not usually like this and, because of the excessive drinking, could have lost her senses. Come on

As we said, this story is possibly not true but if it was, then this has definitely made our day. Seeing Vidya Balan drunk would probably be like watching a monkey trying to dance Dola re Dola. No wait. Aishwarya did that already.

(Image: Pink Villa)

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June 30, 2008

(Images, Pink Villa, The Bosh, DListed, Just Jared)
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If we were her, we will definelty be so embarassed. Firstly after winning a NA-REEL award for wardrobe malfunction. Instead of blaming it on yourself, you blamed MANISH MALHOTRA…..BAD CHOICE!!!

Vidya BaLAN QUOTED: “Maybe those who wrote those things about me had nothing else to write about. And I will not blame them. I had been talking about the same films and same stuff for too long. But now, I have a release coming up, I am doing a couple of films, so can everyone please concentrate on my career?” she asks.

NEVER VIDYA, its not abour your films, its about how annoying you are,and how ALL STYLIST HATES YOU. Even z-listers can dress better than you.Oh about dancing, you don’t blame your choreographer but you compare yourself to CHARLIE CHAPLIN:

“I know. There was even a count – 25 or something,” she says. “Yes, it was a complex shot, with difficult steps. I was not familiar with the format, so, I took a few extra takes. But, I am not apologetic! I’ve heard Charlie Chaplin sometimes used to take 200 takes. Does that make him any less of an actor?” GOD VIDYA GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF


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During the Kismet Konnection Music Launch

Shahid is looking too cute and sexy that make hard kaur cleavage stand out and…

VIdya Balans innerwear sprung up, and (maybe we’re being too mean) but this reminds us of RIta Repulsa, the villan of Power Rangers when she has that Thorn thingy as her boobies.

Anyway, enough of balan. Watch the song promos and trailer here:
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Seriously, we thought this was just another passing by rumour, but no. THIS VIDEO YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH SHOWS HOW VIDYA BALAN WAS BADLY STRUGGLING….

AND OH, so that we are on the fair side, watch this video of shahid kapoor dancing like there is no tomorrow, and no more kareena kapoor in the tittle track for Kismet Konnection.

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