Vivek was speaking about his budding relationship with the Bachchans, especially Abhishek. He said that it was extremely “sweet” of the actor to send him an SMS appreciating his performance at IIFA.

So what about the Bachchan bahu with whom he has a romantic past? The duo did come face to face at IIFA and at Teji Bachchan’s funeral…

“Today she’s married and I respect her status in someone else’s life,” said Vivek. “I respected her in the past and I respect her today.”

Yah yah whatever, Vivek has been so apologetic, its making us dizzy. Maybe he wants to be INVOLVED IN UNFORGETTABLE TOUR, that’s why he’s sucking up to them.

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Vivek Oberoi is in the mood to clean up his life and set straight everything that he had messed up in the past. After publicly apologising to Salman khan, the actor is now working on his relationship with the Bachchans.He attended the funeral ceremony for Teji Bachchan, and met the entire Bachchan family.Now, to tighten bonds, Vivek is making quite an effort to extend his friendship towards Amitabh bachchan.

He recently dropped by on the sets of Aladdin at Filmcity, especially to meet Amitabh, who was busy shooting there.Says a source present on the sets, “We were surprised to see Vivek Oberoi on the sets, all of a sudden.Soon we heard that he intended to meet Amitabh Bachchan. Vivek got out of his car and patiently waited outside Bachchan’s make-up van.When Bachchan stepped out of his van, Vivek met him and they exchanged pleasantries. Afterwards, Vivek seemed quite glad to have interacted with Bachchan.”When contacted, Bachchan confirmed Vivek’s visit and said, “Yes, Vivek did drop by to meet me.”

Adds the source, “Vivek dropping by to meet Bachchan was quite unusual and everyone present on the sets was taken by surprise.After chatting for a while, Bachchan resumed his shoot, while Vivek strolled about, checking out the grand sets of Sujoy Ghosh’s Aladdin.After his tour of the sets, Vivek wished Bachchan goodbye and left.”


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Viveik Oberoi has recently been linked up with his co actor Shweta Bharadwaj who makes her debut with Apporva Lakhia’s forthcoming film Mission Istaanbul. It is believed that both met on the sets of MI and became good friends. And according to the gossip mill, Viveik and Shweta are seeing each other.

However when asked about her link up with Viveik, Shweta states that she is not in the industry to have relationships with the actors, be it Zayed Khan or Viveik Oberoi. She further explains that in Mission Istaanbul she has a relationship with Vikas Sagar the character not Zayed Khan the actor.
Shweta informs that she is focused about her career and least bothered about such buzz. Speaking about her character she informs that she is going to be the first Indian girl who will be doing all action in her film Mission Istaanbul like the way Lara Croft does in Hollywood.
Seems Vivek is not lucky this time too.
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Abhishek Bachchan will be dancing to the tune “Nobody Like You” for an item number in Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istaanbul.
Confirming the shoot schedule, which will be between 21st and 24th June, Apoorva says, “Abhishek has always gone out of his way for me. He had a cameo in my Ek Ajnabee and Shootout At Lokhandwala. In fact, I consider the Bachchans lucky for me. Right at the start of Mission Istaanbul, I had asked Abhishek to do a song and dance for me. We were just waiting for him to get the time.”
Abhishek, who is busy with the final rounds for Karan Johar’s Dostana, has taken special leave from that shoot for this shoot.
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While on MISSION ISTAANBUL, its lead actor Vivek Oberoi has turned a new leaf. “I made a lot of mistakes, I rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, I got carried away. I went through hell, personally and professionally. The media turned its back on me. Some of the projects I was associated with, evaporated into thin air. Everything I did, backfired,” Vivek reminisces as we get into the flashback mode. “But,” he continues in the same breath, “I realized that the problem was with me, not anyone else.

If almost everyone was talking ill of me, if almost everyone had trained their guns on me, it only went to prove that I was at fault, it only meant that I need to mend ways. As you sow so shall you reap.” Vivek also admits that the Salman Khan episode — calling the entire media to his house to malign Salman — is something he repents.

“I used a public platform to malign him. When I felt I must apologize, I did so publicly, not discreetly,” he admits honestly. Quiz Vivek whether he’d work with Salman, Abhishek or Ash, pat comes the reply, “Of course, I would. I am a professional and so are they.”

If you missed the public display apology, watch the video here :


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They seem to have forgiven, and are ready to forget too. Their grouse over a woman. Vivek Oberoi and Abhishek Bachchan are now easy enough with each other to be able to share screen space.The two have agreed to dance together for an item number in Apoorva Lakhia’s , Mission Istanbul. Zayed Khan will also be part of the song.It may be recalled that Vivek was involved with Aishwarya Rai before she got married to Abhishek.

Vivek and Abhishek had vehemently refused to shoot in the same frame in Lakhia’s last film Shoot Out at Lokhandwala. Says our source, “Things are fine between the two now. The ice was broken to quite an extent when Vivek attended Abhishek’s grandmother Teji Bachchan’s funeral last December.

Things really improved between the two when Abhishek took the initiative and messaged Vivek on his wonderful performance at an awards function held in Bangkok early this month.”Didn’t the two hesitate before saying yes to Lakhia’s call? Our source says, “No. In fact, both of them agreed immediately. Lakhia is a very good friend of both.”So, the stage is set for the dushman-turned-dost to rock. The item number will be shot in Mumbai in the next few days.



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Controversial Bollywood star Salman Khan has finally made a statement in regards to his stormy relationship with fellow actor Vivek Oberoi.

Salman asked for Vivek Oberoi to be left alone to live his life now, while presenting his TV game-show Dus Ka Dum. Salman made the comment after celebrity guest Harbhajjan Singh offered jokingly to ‘nab’ Vivek for him. “VO ko ab apni zindagi jeene do,” came the response.
This is the first time that Salman has publicly made some sort of statement about Vivek Oberoi, who a few years back called a press conference in anger at Salman’s antics. Salman’s then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai had ditched him for Vivek after which Salman became a little angry.


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Celebrities walk the ramp to showcase talented designers like Manish malhotra and other talented designers. Come Kareena Kapoor to Priyanka Chopra. Ritesh Deshmukh to Dino Morea.

There’s more from IIFA – A 3 day weekend celebrations.

Gosh. We can’t say anything good or bad.

The battle of SARIS.

The Battle of HUMANITY.

The Battle of Fag?

The Debutant and Has Been

Z for Zayed. Z for Z lister.


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The ever so glory BACHCHANS. The only awards show this year where they don’t mourn.
Kareena going all casual and that zlister as well, trying to upstage her. BUT CAN’T


All the reporters wanna kill AISHWARYA.

Priyanka Chopra, looking stunnig wih that silky number

Karan Johar, suave?
Vivek Oberoi clean?
Diya Mirza the bomb? time bomb?
Hrithik nehi, Harman yo yo!
Ritesh, na na
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On this special occasion, JAYAJI WANTS TO SING, but not a note came out from her mouth. Amitabh stop her for a second, and made her resort to become possesed. which suits her best

Mumtaz, the veteran and daughters. ALong with the colourful couple Javed akhtar and Shabana Azmi.

Comes z listers like Mika SIngh and Syerya saran, we don’t bother if her name is spelt wrongly.

Zayed is there, of course, VIVEK PREFERRED STAYING BACK. because we have wicked witch from the bollywest. Abhishek is trying to scream out to the journalist “GIVE ME RANI”

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