Aadesh has entered into an agreement with Motorola for a commercial to promote his first international track ‘Bollywood Meets Hollywood‘ with American RAPPER Wyclef Jean and Abhishek Bachchan. The song will hit the stores in the India in July under the Sony –BMG label. The song will feature the trio- Abhishek, Aadesh and Wyclef Jean.

Aadesh is very excited about his track and says, “The track is part of my album with Wyclef entitled Carnival 2. As you know Wyclef and I flew down to Miami to record the number with Abhishek who was shooting there for Karan Johar’s film. ‘Bollywood Meets Hollywood’ is already a craze abroad. Youtube is filled with the song. We’ve big plans for the song in India. I hope it would be like a singing launch for Abhishek.”

Aadesh also plans to tie up with other international super-artistes like Justin Timberlake in the near future.

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